Did You Accomplish Your Goal(s) for 2013?
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/13/13

As the sun sets on 2013, it is definitely a good time for each of us to look back and ask ourselves, "Did I accomplish my golf goals this year?"

And to lead off, with complete honesty, my own answer is "no." My goal was to make up for five years without a car by playing at least ten times this year. But a melted wiring harness and a torched engine computer on Sunday, June 23, led to $1,400 worth of replacement parts — with another $600 yet to go. Combined with an extremely late winter (eat my shorts, Al Gore!) and volunteer commitments I have at church, with two non-profit organizations, and with writing-and-editing requests from friends and VIPs, I had time and money to practice exactly... once.

What will 2014 look like for me, golf-wise? The writing-and-editing requests are probably going to be even heavier than they were this year, although my financial picture will hopefully improve drastically. Right now, I would settle for getting to play 18 holes just once.

Whether your own answer is "yes" or "no," we would love to have you pipe in with your own evaluation — and the details. And I certainly hope the picture in 2014 is better for you than for me, oobers.

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bkuehn1952 says:

The goals that were discussed a year ago.
GolfSmith7 says:
Here are my 2013 goals which I did not accomplish so they will be my 2014 goals.

1. I want to score par or better (I still have the month rest of december to try to accomplish this one)
2. Scoring Average any where in the 70's (The lowest I got it was 81, currently 83ish)
3. Putting average of 30 putts ( I am averaging 32 putts)
4. Score at least one round in 70's at the World Am (My lowest score this year was 82 missed it by one 4 putt and a 3 putt)

Here is to 2014!
dukedsp says:
1) Average putts per round below 30.5 - I am at 30.6
2) Scramble greater than 35% - I am at 34.9%

Close but no cigar.
Brutus says:
Nope. Tore a tendon in my elbow - my golf season was very short this year.
GBogey says:
Came close to getting handicap down to 9 but missed. Interesting is that I know that I'm a better player and I didn't have that far to go but it just didn't happen. I'm pretty confident if the weather lets me practice this winter its achievable in the Spring.
The 2nd goal was to have a decent round at a particular course that vexes me. I did it once, but the next two rounds there were as bad as any all year.
frankteo714 says:
My biggest ones were making an eagle, lowering my handicap and breaking 80. I did make my first eagle and lower my handicap substantially, but was just short of the breaking 80. I came damn close a few times. It was a longshot goal anyway.
jpjeffery says:
A big target for me was to break 100 for the first time.

I managed it three times (and scored exactly 200 once).

jpjeffery says:
No, I scored _100_ once, not 200 (I've been bad a lot of times, but not THAT bad!)
Wes11point5 says:
Weird year. Played some of the crappiest golf of my life, had well over 100 penalty strokes (60 something last season) and had a level of frustration with the game that I have never experienced. However, I did lower my handicap from 19 (real time on OOB) to 16.4 (locked in as the season ended 11/30). I also hit some of the finest shots I have ever hit. I also had some rounds where I had the confidence that I could pull off a lot of the shots that I saw in my head. So a real mixed bag overall.
Felipe Rojas says:
Unfortunately my goal of lowering my handicap to under 17 index was not accomplished, because of a broken arm that set me back in the first 3-4 months of the year. But I have to say I played the round of my life in August by shooting an 82 (with a 22 handicap in my home course), improving on an 83 I shot.... 5 years ago!!! Too bad that's been my only score below 90 in the whole year, I was amazingly consistent that day, but also very lucky (holed out from 60 yards in #9). But I take that highlight for the year, no matter what!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I made my goals of 25 different courses and 50 birdies. Didn't putt after GIR under 2 (which is hard to do anyway). Broke 90 on par 70+ 4 or 5 times. I improved my iron play a lot, and got the driver a lot straighter more consistently. Came within a foot of my mid-year goal of making a shot from 100yds or more away 3 times. Maybe next year.
sjduffers says:
Didn't lower the handicap below 10: the lowest of the year was 11.2 and is currently at 12.3. Not even close!
Didn't get 33% GIR for the last 20 rounds. It's been above 30% for the last couple of months though: this one was close.
Didn't get to break 80. I shot 80 on the nose 3 times this year, but not 79 or lower...

They'll be the same goals again next year, although I am making the GIR goal 40% now.
eabaskervill says:
I did not accomplish my goals for 2013, but I improved some with less play. Will try again to break 90, average under 2 putts a hole and average 40% fairways in 2014 with more rounds and practice.
Matt F says:
No, but working 70 hours a week makes it hard to get a round in let alone practice.

2014 doesn't look good either, shoulder surgery is looking very likely due to 25 years of work and play damage.
DougE says:
Rotator cuff, Matt? If so, been there a couple years ago. Can give you answers and support if you need it. PM me anytime.
DougE says:
Yes and no. GHIN, yes, by a mere .2. No to extra 20 yards off driver, average. GIRs to 40%, nope. Up & downs to 40%, nope, but did have it over 40% during a couple periods during the season. Played in two big tournaments, which was the goal. Wanted at least 100 rounds to keep my yearly string intact of 100+, and got it, but barely. Injury got me during round 100, 6 or 7 weeks ago. Out for rest of the season, and if something doesn't start getting better soon, maybe part of next season. At this point, my goal for next season is to be healed in time to play by Feb/Mar. I'll worry about any statistical goals then.
snuffyword says:
I play on the Golfweek Amateur Tour in VA. I improved my index but did not graduate to the next flight, I won a one-day tournament but not a two-day major, short game got better except for bunker play. However, I did end up winning the season's points leader for my flight - our version of the FEDEX Cup. I was runner-up a few years back but never thought I would be able to do it because it's a difficult thing to accomplish. A few ups and downs and a little luck made for a nice productive year. I'll think about 2014 goals after the holidays.
propredicr says:
Yes. Wanted to get down to 15 HC; took a 20 down to 13. No practice and played only 36 rounds this year. Focused on course management (no worse than bogey golf) and chipping closer to the hole. 2014 goal is get to a 9 HC, knowing I won't have practice time and whatever I bring to the course is it.
Matt F says:
Looks like it Doug..will do, thank you mate!
legitimatebeef says:
Didn't set any goals beforehand but I had sort of a mid-year swing breakdown, and then I was about to play a tournament for the first time, so at that point I made it a goal to cobble it together in time for the tourney. It took some work to get it done but I think I did alright, since I feel okay about my game right now, whatever the numbers might say.
Trip says:
Broke 90 for the first time. 2014 goal, break 85.
brianmk24 says:
Great job, Trip!
I only had one goal for 2013: play more. I played about twice as much as I did in 2012. There will be more goals for 2014, including starting and keeping up with a new golf journal/blog (thanks to beef for the idea).
hughesj says:
My goal for 2013, second year playing the game, was to break 100. Hit that one the first month with my still best score of 92. Since then have had a handful of scores below 100. My goal for 2014 is to continue to improve my swing and consistency, while also significantly improving my course management and pull driver out on every non par 3 hole.
hughesj says:
uh....that should be *NOT* pull driver out on every non par 3 hole. Given proper attention to those goals, I should easily break 90 in 2014.
Dusty23 says:
Basically no, GHIN went up half a stroke, most other stats pretty much stayed the same. So I didn't get any worse but not any better either. More frustrating was the periods of good play followed by inexplicable periods of sucking.
bkuehn1952 says:
No written goals but if I had made any, they would not have been met. My play for much of the year was pretty marginal and it only picked up a bit after 7/1.

I did make a goal which was set in May. Our "club without real estate" runs a series of handicapped tournaments. 2013 was the first year that they held a year end "Tournament of Champions" whereby every flight winner of one of the 12 tournaments played. I managed an "A" flight tie for 1st (net) in an event and qualified for the T of C, where I finished in the middle of the pack. Those sandbaggers!!! ;) - takes one to call one.
accarson3 says:
Last year's goals included keeping my average score close to 90...In 2013, I lowered my average score a little over a stroke from 94.7 to 93.5. Avg putts went up a little from 1.79 to 1.81 and I hit fairways less often, 48% to 46%, but am hitting the ball further. In 2012 I wanted to keep my handicap in the mid-teens (done) and break 80 at least once. The last one didn't happen, but there is hope as I posted a back 9 total of 38 in one round this year. Still need work on my short game to get better in 2014.
mantajim says:
Some were met and some were not.
*Play at least a round every other day. Met - 186 rounds and 11 days to go.
*Keep my home course handicap in the single digits. 96% met, was a 10 for two weeks in Feb, currently a 6.
*Keep improving. Met - Started with a 7.5 index, ended with a 5.1 index.
*Keep GIR's above 50%. Nope, got it up there for a bit, but couldn't keep it. Past 20 - 42% Avg 46% (Moving back a set of tees hurt)
*Break Par. Got close, shot an even par 72 twice. 1st - Two bogies, Four birdies and one double :-( Second - Four bogies, four birdies.
*Fifty percent of my rounds in the 70's. Nope, not even close, averaged about 31%.
*Stay healthy - For the most part.
ppinkert says:
Have to say yes and no... I did get to play in my first tournament a 4 man scramble and we did good finishing one place out of the money. Then my season went south with work; and other demands from family and friends. My goals for 2014 are simple enough: To play golf at least once a week come spring and summer. In Texas that means April to November? Got off to a good start this weekend with a new pair of Golf Shoes thanks to my Mother-in-Law's cash for Christmas ways.
e_c_poirier says:
Goals for 2014:
Break 80 at least 1x
Break 90 at least 10x
Putts / Hole < 2
GIR > 30%
FIR > 60%
Handicap Index < 12
Tim Horan says:
No - I tinkered too much with equipment last year. I am resisting that temptation this year but still haven't achieved my goal. I had a bad start to the year with shingles and pneumonia making for a late start to my season. Form has been good lately and looking for a spell of good scoring to get down to five or six.
e_c_poirier says:
Well, my 2014 season has come to an end (after a 3 day "bender" in Vegas - which was awesome golf) and now it's time to see if I achieved my goals that I set back on May 06.

Break 80 at least 1x = CHECK (1x)
Break 90 at least 10x = CHECK (25x)
Putts / Hole <2 = CHECK (1.9/hole)
GIR > 30% = CHECK (34.0 %)(612 holes, 208 greens hit)
FIR > 60% = CHECK (60.4 %)(447 holes, 270 fairways hit)
Handicap Index < 12 = FAIL
Starting H.I. = 13.6
Highest H.I. = 13.6
Lowest H.I. = 11.1
Finishing H.I. = 12.3
e_c_poirier says:
Goals for 2015:
Break 80 at least 3x
Break 85 at least 10x
Shoot Under Pat (Net Score) at least 10x
Putts / Hole < 1.75
GIR > 40%
FIR > 65%
Handicap Index <= 11.5
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