Hottest Players On LPGA Tour
By Kickntrue on 5/19/08 has a slideshow of who they consider to be the 12 "hottest" women on the LPGA tour. From the pictures it is pretty clear they mean most attractive. The problem is- they don't want to look sexist so they mix in "good" players too so it can look like they appreciate the beauty of their games, not just their... err assets.

Here are some "real" opinions of their list- with all of PR bullcrap removed. Your thoughts, agreements, disagreements and suggestions for additions to the list are very welcome.

The Pics


1) Natalie Gulbis - Legitimately attractive though she's probably slightly overrated. Because of the small field to choose from she should make any list of LPGA hotties. If you look at picture 2 of the slideshow though- you'll see what I mean about her not being that hot. She looks constipated in that photo and it still made her calendar. That tells me she's really not so photogenic or she's not as attractive as we want her to be.

2) Paula Creamer - She has her days. As much as I joke about her being my dream girl (sorry, position is already taken) she isn't really that hot. Paula is an example of her game elevating her to "hottie" status. She looks better from the front than from the side. She is very cute though. There is no doubt about that.

3) Morgan Pressel - Cute. Girl next door. Wouldn't be close to ashamed to have her on your arm. That said, she'd never be confused with a supermodel.

4) Angela Park - She looks Asian but is Brazilian. She is attractive though.

5) Lorena Ochoa - She is an AMAZING GOLFER and I've said many times on this site that I think she's as good as Tiger Woods right now in her sport. That said, she just shouldn't be on this list. If her success makes her hot to you- then consider yourself a shallow gold digger. Personally I'll stick with being a shallow pig (for the purposes of this list).

6) Suzann Pettersen -The picture uses is not good. I Google image searched Suzann and found better results. That said- I'm still calling her a "small field" entry. She wouldn't turn a head in LA.

7) Michelle Wie - OVER- RATED! Clap! Clap! Clap-Clap-Clap! (repeat)

8) Anna Rawson - Were these supposed to be in some order or were they just making us try to work to find the good stuff? Anna Rawson has yet to make a cut in 4 tries and you could argue she's barely on the LPGA Tour, but if you are going to count her- put her at number 1 where she belongs.

9) Nicole Castrale - I don't like the picture that they chose for her. She is hot. The photo they used is not as flattering. I think she looks better playing than in other photos. I actually think that is the case with a lot of these ladies.

10) Jill McGill - For those who may be into a more mature and refined woman. Jill is fine... for an older chick.

11) Laura Diaz - Sorry. Not buying it.

12) Carin Koch - Always be wary of a woman who wears huge sunglasses to cover up her face. It is the number one remedy to the dreaded Butterface, or in this case Pitching Wedge (she looks good from about 110 yards).

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kenjab says:
Dude, you're harsh on some of these! LOL

I was disappointed they didn't include Cristie Kerr. Also, like half the LPGA is Asian now, there's gotta be at least a couple cute Asian chicks you can put on here, certainly ahead of Ochoa or Diaz.
chipotle mg says:
love the pictures, thanks!
HotBacon says:
I agree 100% on the comments above.

Not to turn this into a "what about..." forum post, but if we're including the barely on the tour girls, what about Erica Blasberg??
jerdman says:
Wow, I didn't know who Erica Blasberg or Anna Rawson were before, but I'm a big fan now. love this game
falcon50driver says:
Suzanne Pettersen is hotter than doughnut grease.
RocketSauce says:
the LPGA is looking MUCH better these days as compared to the 70's, 80's, early/mid 90's LPGA, that is for sure. anyone ever see Tracey Ullman do her L(lesbian)PGA skits on her old show, hehe? im so glad those days are coming to an end ;-)
Kisha says:
"She looks Asian but is Brazilian. She is attractive though."
fyi: Brazilian is a NATIONALITY not an ETHNICITY (or race). It would be equally stupid to stay she "looks Asian but she's actually from the United States." Brazilian's are of all different ethnicities--just like in the U.S.
threeyes says:
At least he didn't say "Oriental", since "Oriental" is a rug not a race. I definitely agree that Cristie should've made the list. Give the following LPGA "hotties" a look: Brittany Lincicome; Carlie Butler; Kelli Kuehne (looked better before she put on weight); Maria Verchenova; Minea Blomqvist; Paige Mackenzie; Sarah Kemp. A lot of great tournament photos at ""
falcon50driver says:
Lorena Ochoa must live in the United States, she looks Mexican.
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