Tiger Woods Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational
By mustang6560 on 3/26/12
What does pure joy feel like?

Winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational to end a two and a half year drought on the PGA Tour, to silence the critics and to restore order in the world of golf. That my friends, is exactly how Tiger Woods felt yesterday after his final putt dropped to lock up a five stroke victory.
It does feel good," he said, moments after his 2-under 70 gave him a 13-under total of 275 that was five strokes better than Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland, who closed with a 74. "It feels really good. It's been a lot of hard work. I'm so thankful for a lot of people helping me out along the way. They all know who they are. It's been tough.

"It was just pure joy."
I’m not the biggest Tiger fan in the world, however, I was happy to see the former world number one win again. He played well all week and earned the victory one shot at a time. I was a little disappointed with his victory celebration. I wanted to see the patented Tiger fist-pump. Nothing screams “I whooped your butt” quite like a Tiger fist-pump. Instead, Tiger’s reaction was one of relief rather than excitement, which is understandable. The last few years have been tough on him (with his very public sex scandal, divorce, new coach, new swing, new caddie and injury problems) so I can only imagine how he feels.

I was excited about the Masters before the conclusion of the Arnold Palmer Invitational and I am even more excited now. The Shell Houston Open is this weekend, but everyone outside of Ernie Els is already looking ahead one week to Augusta National. Who will win the coveted green jacket? Will Rory McIlroy redeem himself from last year? Or will Tiger end his major drought and capture his fifth green jacket? What about three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson?

PGATour.com posted a litany of stats from Tiger’s win. My favorite is “There have been 72 different winners on the PGA TOUR since Woods last won; Sunday he won for the 72nd time in his career.” Coincidence? You tell me.

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DougE says:
This is big. I was so excited watching him work. Always root for him. He needed this, but I think the PGA Tour needed it even more. Go Tiger. Play well at the Masters!
birdieXris says:
So, how's Arnold Palmer after his blood pressure scare?
mantajim says:
Arnold is not there to present the trophy. Coincidence? You tell me.
Prayers and thoughts to Mr. Palmer.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I was glad to see Tiger win too. He's been thru alot and most of it over the last two years has been due to his off course antics. Like him or hate him, it looks like he's finally back. I think too many people wrote him off. He went thru a similar drought with his first swing overhaul and it appears the culmination of his second overhaul is upon us. We will see.
legitimatebeef says:
Arnold appreciates and respects Tiger, especially for all the fire and excitement Tiger has brought to this tournament over the years. Arnold's spokesman said "no one is overly concerned" about his condition. He is called "The King" and I'm sure that among his family and associates that's literally how he is treated and that's probably why such precautions are taken especially at his age.
GolfSmith7 says:
I am glad Tiger won, everyone is given a second change in life. I hope he learned from his past and wins this years masters in big fashion.
legitimatebeef says:
I think it's a big win for Woods. Validates the start of a new phase, like Nate says--new coach, new swing, new caddie. Not to mention new putter and new shoes. Plus it changes the whole tone of the Tiger Woods conversation big time. The focus (for the time being at least) will now be on golf and winning, not struggling. Right now Tiger looks more like a 72-time tour winner than a guy who struggled for two years.
Kickntrue says:
Have the new shoes been covered "in-depth" anywhere? I mean, besides mentioning them. What is the deal? My wife says they make him look like an 80 year old man. I can't disagree. Even if they are orthopedic, why can't they be black? So that makes me think- Nike is going for fashion statement. I'm no guru- but Red on Black on White... uggh.
Envythepea says:
I think the big question now is does his intimidation factor cause everyone to crumble when they see his name at the top of the leaderboard (like it used to), or does he have to earn it again.
The Full Monty says:
Honestly, the intimidation factor is tricky these days. Tiger's confidence was rattled for so long that he hasn't been a contending factor for years.

A lot of these younger guys on tour weren't even around when Tiger was winning every other tournament he entered. They never felt that intense pressure of playing next to Tiger on Sunday afternoon as he crushed every chance you ever had at winning that major. Not only is he intense, but the crowd that follows him is enormous and just adds to the mental challenges when you're paired with him.

If he can play at even 80% of the old Tiger, I think that we'll once again see why he was so dominant for so long. I've been watching him since day one and hope that I get to see the glory days one more time. I wasn't old enough to enjoy it when Jack was tearing it up, but Tiger's reign has been pretty cool.
Trip says:
I think Tiger missed a big moment help rebuild his image. Instead of the same old stock answers he always gives after winning, it would have been nice to see him a little more humble. I'm not saying he should break down like Stricker or Watson, but he could have shown people that he is human. His golfing skill will always be remembered, but his personal image problems will keep him from being revered like Arnie or Jack. In my opinion...
homermania says:
Huge Tiger fan here and glad to see him win again. Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that a camera shutter or an errant yell in his downswing causes him to hook it into the neighboring houses? It's certainly a distraction and he's not wrong to be upset, but the guy should at least be used to it by now, right?
SilverSliver says:
Not sure if his celebration was one of relief. To me it was more mature and subdued, perhaps, because now he's seen the world from the other side.

In any case, a well deserved win. Go get 'em Tiger!
CeeBee says:
I didnt play yesterday. I wanted to see if anyone could run with him or beat themselves untill they resemble Beef's golf towel.

Nothing else need be said. 5 green jackets?
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