Ross Fisher penalized for slow play
By mustang6560 on 6/4/12
Ross Fisher is the newest member of the Slow Play Penalty Club.
England’s Fisher, who made his Ryder Cup debut at this venue two years ago, left with far fewer happy memories this time after being penalised a shot for slow play when one off the lead.

Fisher fell foul of European Tour rules when he took too long over shots at the 11th and 14th holes, exceeding the allocated 40 seconds on both occasions.

Fisher, two behind, failed to birdie the driveable par four, bogeyed the short 17th and finished with a two over par 73.
Naturally, Ross was not happy about the penalty.
"I don't think it's justice, but there you go," said Fisher, who was also fined £6,000.
I want to feel bad for Ross. Like I said before, nobody wants to see the referee decide the outcome of a sporting event. However, a rule is a rule and the only way to make a professional golfer follow the rules is to hit him or her where it hurts - their pocket book. In Ross' case, the penalty stroke cost him over €70,000 (~$87,000).

Last month at the Sybase Match Play Championship, a rules official associated with the LPGA assessed Morgan Pressel a slow play penalty during her semi-final match against Azahara Munoz. The penalty translated to a loss of hole, which turned Morgan's three hole lead into an one hole lead, and she would eventually lose her match 2&1 to Azahara.

It will be interested to see if the PGA Tour jumps on board and penalizes one of its players in the near future for slow play. I am willing to bet the LPGA and/or the European Tour assesses another slow penalty before the PGA Tour assesses its first in over two decades.

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bducharm says:
Shot penalties will work!!! Enforce them and make them stick!!!
legitimatebeef says:
Pretty sure all this slow play talk is doing nothing but turning people off left and right.
hughesj says:
Shot penalties, sure. But to also assess a fine!?! It's not like he hit an opponent with a club or something.
mmontisano says:
I'm wondering how often slow play penalties and fines are handed out on the Euro and LPGA tours? is it happening more now because of everyone bitching about it recently, or are they only getting more press now because of the bitching?
sepfeiff says:
Strokes for slow play is a flat out ridiculous penalty IMO. There is a good reason why there hasn't been an enforcement of the current rule in such a long time.. because it's just flat out stupid. You will NEVER see a score change on a "no play" in any other major sport for good reason, why should golf be different?

Superbowl 50, Raiders score no points but win on Giants slow play
Giants -3
Raiders 0
srogers13 says:
sepfeiff, they do have penalties for slow play in the NFL, it is called Delay of Game, and the penalty is five yards. And there have been plays where it looks like someone has scored, but the points were taken off the board because of Delay of Game.

Basketball has a shot clock.
mjaber says:
I think they need to get more extreme. Call Kevin Greene, and a couple of his friends. Give the players a 40 second shot clock. If the balls not away in 40 seconds, here comes Kevin Greene. I can guarantee there won't be anymore slow play penalties.
sepfeiff says:
@srogers13 - Yes most all have delay penalties but none directly affect the current score.

Football - loss of 5 yards
Basketball - loss of possession
Hockey - 2 min minor penalty
Baseball - Add a ball to the pitch count
Soccer - yellow card
elhacker says:

Seriously, you really think the Raiders would make it to the Superbowl?
mmontisano says:
the only way to get these guys to care is give them a stroke instead of a fine. 2nd place at the Memorial is worth $550,000, so what's a $10,000 fine to them? nothing. now the difference between 2nd place and 4th place (only 2 stroke difference on the leaderboard) is around $280,000.

so yeah, i think a penalty stroke is what's needed to get their asses moving.

and number two, tournaments have been decided by penalties for a long time in golf. just look at Webb Simpson last year when he missed out because he addressed the ball with his putter on the 18th green and then the wind moved it. boom. 2 stroke penalty.
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