John Daly wins a tournament!
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/9/14

Last Thursday, John Daly announced his engagement to his current caddie, Anna Cladakis. After that, he went out onto Gloria Golf Club in Antalya, Turkey, shot 66-63-72 = 201, and won the Beko Classic — his first golf tournament since the 2004 Buick Invitational.

The tournament is part of the PGAs of Europe schedule, organized by PGAs from 36 different countries. Among the golfers Daly bested were Darren Clarke (by four shots) and Paul Broadhurst (by two). Daly collected a winner's check of $8,000, although rumors have it that Daly donated his winning check to an area charity.

Kudos to Daly for getting back into the winner's circle.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Dare I? Oh what the heck ... he is the next Tiger Woods!
srogers13 says:
When she becomes his wife, does that mean she will get 60% of the money from his wins?
Torleif Sorenson says:
srogers13: Good question — figure half of the winnings, plus the 10% caddie fee. Of course, the percentages all depend on what percentage of his winnings his four ex-wives already receive.
falcon50driver says:
If she gets 10% as caddy. Then she gets half of the remaining 90% then it looks like the take would be 55% / 45%. But ask Jason , he's the statistician.
jasonfish11 says:
He technically gets 50% of her caddie fees given they are marital assets.

So they both get 50% which is more than they would get if someone else were the caddie.
falcon50driver says:
Astute observation. If she gets half his salary, He should get half hers.
Unfortunately the IRS will get a big chunk of it.
DougE says:
8000 bucks? That's it? He could probably win easier on the Hooters Tour and make more than that, no?
All this time trying to win since 2004, then finally doing so and after taxes and expenses, he walks away with pocket change. I hope he did better with his song he had playing on the country stations a few months back.
DougE says:
Does a win at this obscure event give him any type of exemption for upcoming European or PGA Tour events? Certainly didn't move him up much on the money list.
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