Barack Obama: I'm Not A Cheater
By mustang6560 on 3/1/12
As the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama is afforded many luxuries in life including a private jet, a personal chef and a mansion in Washington DC to name a few. But despite all of his power and influence, one luxury Obama is not accustom to is the four-foot gimmie putt.

In an interview with, the POTUS told Bill Simmons that he's proud of the fact that he doesn't cheat in golf (like a certain former President, cough, cough, Bill, cough) or accept four-foot gimmie putts. As long as he's not slowing down the pace of play, I'm OK with him putting everything out.

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legitimatebeef says:
No politics please. It only brings down the atmosphere.
Joness says:
Getting away from Politics, I just read a story about a guy in the regular club comp at a Melbourne club who hit a great second shot but was not sure where it finished. When he got there he couldn't find it. With no one looking he quickly dropped another ball, pitched it on and sunk the putt for 4. Got caught out when he went to the cup to find 2 balls in there - one being his original. Put a bit of a dampener on his eagle celbration!!
onedollarwed says:
Not sure if that's an innuendo, or a parable. Great point here though: I've played with many golfers, and some those golfers' fathers. I find that cheaters often get their unbreakable bad cheating habits from the pop. Golf is hard and feels great when you truly improve. You should be able to show that through honest score keeping - none of that bleed over from match to stroke scoring. I tell my friends who want to cheat but are on the fence after a crappy hole: "It's okay to write an 11 on your card. It's just a number. The only things that makes you a lesser person is if it's not the right one. It's a random number on a random piece of paper that will be lost to history." I don't really mind if people cheat per say, but don't tell me your score afterwards!
golfmaniac says:
So what he is saying is if someone gives you a putt and you accept it thats cheating. In my opinion this is what is wrong with golf today. Everyone is wrapped up in the score for the round. I play every Saturday and Sunday morning and we play various team match events and we give putts that the you are expected to make. Really the total score for the round you shoot is irrelevant and our playing time is typically around 3 hours and we walk. What matters to us is the match not your score. Now obviously when we play a stroke play events all the rules of golf are followed. In my opinion I see too many people standing over a 3 footer for score of 8 so they can say I shot a 95 by the rules. That kind of play leads to 5 hour rounds and golf that is not enjoyable.
bkuehn1952 says:
This is not intended as a knock against the President but no one should be proud that they do not cheat. When one does what is required or expected, that is just conducting oneself properly. A person can be proud of going beyond what is required or expected. When we set the "proud bar" so low that we can be proud of not doing something wrong, it is time to examine our standards.
larrynjr says:
@bkuehn, true but considering how often cheating is acceptable in all other sports and area's of our lives, plus how many of "us" cheat at golf. If golfer truly is an honest player, that is something to be proud of. On the otherhand, saying it about yourself is suspect. If others acknowledge that I am an honest, non cheating player, that would be great to be known that way but to self promote? Not impressive.
falcon50driver says:
I have found that when a person expounds about how honest they are, It's usually because they are very dishonest.
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