Bubba Watson and the Green Jacket
By mustang6560 on 4/11/12
Bubba Watson and the Green Jacket, the Masters' champion newly acquired sidekick (it's a nice upgrade from the likes of Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan don't you think?), went on a whirlwind media tour yesterday through the Big Apple (PGATour.com documented the entire day).

The Florida native is not the most tactful person in the world, so I was a little concerned (for his own sake) that he would have a "foot in mouth" moment at some point during the day.

It is fairly well-known that Bubba does not agree with the membership policy at Augusta National, so when Piers Morgan asked him about it during his interview last night I was sure Bubba was about to become the least-liked Masters champion in recent history. But, he managed to successfully dodge the loaded question without offending the green jackets of Augusta National. He voiced his opinion on the issue, offered a justification (albeit it doesn't seem like a good one) and turned the question back on Piers, who proceeded to ban himself.

Well done, Bubba. Well done.

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bducharm says:
How can you NOT like this guy!!! I actually had an exchange with Bubba on Wednesday. He was playing the back 9 with Fowler and Badds. When they walked off 18, I was walking along side Bubba and I said Congratulations on becoming a father. He turned and looked me right in the eye and thanked me. You could see how much fatherhood means to him. It was funny too that everyone was yelling at Bubba and Rickie. I said to Badds "Do you feel left out". He laughed and said Yeah I'm the invisible man!!!
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