Iced donuts in a golf cart
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/22/14

A few points about the video above:
  1. We are pretty sure that alcohol was involved.

  2. The ice looks suspiciously thin, so we are especially amazed that the cart didn't fall through the ice.

  3. Some golf cart manufacturer or equipment company should use this as the basis for their next creative commercial.

  4. These are the second-best kinds of "iced donuts" in existence.

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H-T: KYle Porter

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joe jones says:
Thank God I live in warm phoenix. Some idiot in the frozen climes will see this and say," Boy is that cool, I think I'll try it."
legitimatebeef says:
Mmmm iced donuts.
falcon50driver says:
Donuts with maple icing and bacon
Tim Horan says:
Thanks Joe - Now some Health and Safety bod has removed the video so that this idiot doesn't see it and tries it out at Wildwood.
jasonfish11 says:
Only had one maple bacon donut and can't wait to get back to where it was to get another.

So good.
homermania says:
Mmm... iced don- oh, Beef beat me to it. D'oh!
falcon50driver says:
Jason, I had my maple donut skiing at Steamboat Springs, where did you find them ?
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