Mapping Your Golf Consumption
Sometimes we don't do a good job sharing all of the little tricks can pull off, so here's a fun little tip for you. If you go to our Interactive Course Finder (have to brag- nobody else's on the web is even close) and click on the "Filter" tab you can enter any username into the "Course Played By" box to get a map of any user's golf.

It's a lot of fun to see all of the courses you've played- mapped out across your country (or world in some cases). Of course- if you really want to see something awesome, type in our current Golfer Of The Week, "HP" who has played over 500 rounds. The screenshot to the right here is just his rounds in the San Francisco area.

So again- Course Finder/Filter/Course Played By/Apply

By the way... does anyone else find themselves losing 30 minutes of work from time to time just using the course finder for non-golf purposes like viewing satellite photos of celebrity houses?

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jeremyheslop says:
Wow nice feature. I had used it to find a couple courses in my area, but didn't look into the filters. Any good celebrity houses to look at (Tiger's?)
c5agalb says:
The apply icon isnt there??
KVSmith59 says:
C5agalb: you have to use the scroll bar and scroll down to the bottom. You then might have to zoom in on the map to see your courses.

Oob: You have a small banner add that's down near the apply's overlapping the clear button (sometimes)
garthspaulding says:
that is awesome - makes me bummed I haven't been on oob my whole life entering every round! I played a ton of fun courses far and wide that I have no score cards for [ well I wasn't a semi-serious golfer until 2 years ago ] and I actually think oob helped me get more serious by tracking my game.
Supper cool feature - thanks for sharing!
PS - it's hard to be in the same area as HP when he has all the low rounds at every course I want to play! Man that guy is good!
Bryan K says:
Just want to pass kudos to oobgolf for their course finder. It is a very awesome utility.
banatmfees says:
agreed, it is an awesome utility.

check out: 70 Linda Vista Ave, Atherton, CA. Imagine that in your backyard!
Mjw71772 says:
I knew there was a reason I thought you had an awesome website, I mean if I did not have enough to do with work and such, now I have yet another thing to occupy my time when I want to melt my brain. Thanks OOBGolf
Banker85 says:
@ banatmfees: is that your backyard or something? i would love to have a golf hole in my backyard!
jarick098 says:
Won't work for me.
tclemmer says:
Doesn't work for me as well. have 47 rounds in and nothing shows up....Oh well.
Mikek172002 says:
Feature to edit or delete a past score is not working. Also, the system is not displaying my adjusted handicap after each posting, just shows "n/h". I used oob for 8 - 10 years and this is the first time I've had this problem.
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