oobgolf GPS Rangefinder
Our mobile app has been updated and approved by Apple (Version 1.0.4). We've fixed a few bugs from the initial release, but the biggest addition is the GPS Rangefinder capabilities.

How much does it cost?
The mobile app is still just $.99 and the GPS Rangefinder is built into the same app, all you need to do is update to have access. You'll will also need to be an oobgolf Addict+ member, a new subscription tier we've added to accommodate the GPS offering. Anyone who was an oobgolf Addict has been automatically upgraded to be an Addict+ for the remainder of your subscription.

For more info on the future pricing of oobgolf, click here.

How do I get GPS?
Step 1 - Purchase (or upgrade) the oobgolf mobile app.
Step 2 - Become an oobgolf Addict.
Step 3 - Login to the app and GPS will be available.

How many courses are mapped?
The oobgolf mobile app has over 25,000 worldwide courses mapped with coordinates for the Front/Center/Back of each green. To be clear- for greens, the app ONLY gives coordinates for Front/Center/Back. A Google Maps overlay is also available for hole/target distances.
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How do I know if my course is mapped?
oobgolf course pages are now marked under "Course Details" so you can see if a course has GPS Rangefinder data. Within the app you can also search courses and it is clear as to which courses have GPS markers.

Why is it only Front/Center/Back?
Timing, cost, and functionality.

Why is the "center" not in the center of the green?
We spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what and how to show the greens on this app. We wanted to go beyond a simple F/C/B number and we think we've provided a great resource, but it does go against preconceived notions of other golf GPS devices. Every golf green has a mathematical (geometric) center but the fact is nobody maps to this point. When courses are mapped for GPS the center is based on what looks or feels correct on a satellite image or when standing on the green. Very rarely could you draw a straight line between the marked front and back points on a green to included the marked "middle" point. We wanted to show this. While the "middle" may not be the geometric center- it is a VERY important number, as it is the point that was determined to be the best "real middle" at least in terms of playing golf. IT will also provide some insight as to where the front and back were marked in relation to the center.

The GPS markers on the green appear to rotate...?
Yes they do. You're welcome. You'll realize that amazingly helpful that is after about 3 holes, or the first time you hit long and right on your approach shot... whichever comes first.

Can I map my own course?
Not currently. After we tackle the Android app we'll come back to building a module to allow for mapping your own course as well as adding your own targets to mapped courses. We realize this was a great feature you used to have. Unfortunately, a day has only so many hours. We are working as hard as we can to produce these features as fast as possible.

What about my previously mapped courses?
We made the decision not to use courses previously mapped through GolfCard. We are fully aware that this leaves some of you (especially users outside of the USA) in a tough spot. We're not real happy about this, but we were left with a decision of having around 2k mapped courses lost and launching with 25,000+ total or keeping all of the previous courses but starting with only 10,000 maps. We made a utilitarian decision, and we hope you'll stick with us while we keep plugging away in development.

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