How To Add Equipment To Your oobgolf Bag
One of the popular features here on is "Your Equipment." Our statistics analysis and profile features permit you to keep track of the clubs you use. Since some users do not yet know how to do this, your humble correspondent has created this tutorial.

Adding a "bag" to your profile

If you have already created a bag for your profile, you can skip to the next section. But if you haven't yet done this, here's how:
  1. Click the your equipment hyperlink on the sub-menu below the search box on the oobgolf menu bar.

    The "Your Equipment" profile page appears.

  2. Below the search button, you will see the "New Bag" icon and hyperlink.

  3. Click the New Bag link.

    The "New Bag" dialog appears.

  4. Type a distinctive name for this bag in the Name: text field (red arrow).

  5. Click the Save button.

    Your equipment profile will appear with your new bag.
PLEASE NOTE: For this exercise, ignore the "Default Bag Sync" checkbox and the Clubs: drop-down menu. You can add these features later.

Now, we get to the meat-and-potatoes...

Adding equipment from our database

The most important thing to remember when using the equipment database is this: You do not need to add a unique or duplicate entry for your club into our database. Most makes and models of clubs are already entered. Duplicate entries in our database are cleared and merged every day.

Here's how to populate your bag with items from our equipment database:
  1. Mouse over the "Equipment" menu and choose either Equipment or one of the sub-categories. (In this case, I'm choosing Irons because I will add a set of TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour irons to my "Tor's 2013 clubs" bag.)

    The "Irons" listing appears.

  2. The easiest way to find your selection is to type part of the model name into the Keyword field (highlighted below).

    PLEASE NOTE: The "RBZ" and "RBladez" labels on those TaylorMade clubs are NOT the actual model names. The drivers and fairway metals are known as "RocketBallz," while these irons are the "RocketBladez."

  3. Click on the --Brand-- drop-down menu, choose your desired brand, then click the Filter button.

    A list of iron sets from your selected brand appears, sorted by the most popular models. In this case, seven options appear.

  4. I want to see these items listed in alphabetical order, so I click on the sort by: drop-down menu (on the right side of the screen) and choose Name.

    The re-sorted list appears in alphabetical order.

  5. There, in the bottom row, is the entry for the RocketBladez Tour irons (highlighted).

    Click on either the picture or the title to open that record.

    Our record for your selected equipment appears, including a technical description of the club(s) whenever available.

  6. Click the Add To My Bag link (highlighted above).

    The "Bag Equipment" dialog appears.

  7. Choose a specific bag from the Bag: drop-down menu if you created more than one bag in your profile.

  8. OPTIONAL: You can type specific details about your own clubs in the Comments: text box (highlighted above).

  9. Click the Add button to complete the procedure.

    Your equipment page reappears with the selected club(s) and your typed comments (indicated by the red arrow).

    Highlighted in this image is the edit feature. Use this if you want to add or change any of the text you entered about the club(s) in question.

    Likewise, the Remove link allows you to delete that piece of equipment from your bag.

  10. Repeat as necessary for other clubs you own.
That's how it's done. Our system allows you to create additional bags, then track your statistics with those clubs.

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Wes11point5 says:
I have recreated my bags to the best of my recollection. According to the stats, I played my best golf with my old Hogan Apex II irons.
jpjeffery says:
What I'd like to see in the Oobgolf is a tie in with this equipment list. If nothing else so that I can select WHICH hybrid I'm using whereas at the moment the app only offers 'hybrid'
jpjeffery says:
" the Oobgolf APP..." I meant to say.
jfurr says:
My equipment page is like a sad tale of misspent dollars and unfulfilled dreams.
Torleif Sorenson says:
My equipment page is a sad tale of UN-spent dollars and unfulfilled dreams.

But at least I know what I want in my bag...
Rampiche says:
I have a problem, i tried to add a bag and when i confirm the operation the bag didn't create. And i can't add my equipment.
Brags says:
I have the same problem; I have tried from Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and MS and I can't create my bag.
dandee says:
The whole Equipment page is not working. I have tried to edit my bag and it just doesn't work.
jw_noshanks says:
I agree, the equipment page is broken. Not editable. Also when I add a club I'm getting this popup: Error getting data: Invalid column name 'sortorder'. - SELECT OOB please fix.
golfgoofy says:
Same problem here. Getting that error message whenever I try to edit my equipment
irishluke says:
Equipment page still producing an error message when you try to edit your bag
uscgolfer says:
It hasn't been working for a year or two. Any idea how to change the equipment or even to create a new Bag? It seems like OOBGolf is not operating as there is no way to ask. Please advise if anybody knows.
dlardjr96 says:
I have been trying to change a few clubs in my bag but I keep getting an error. It does not let me remove or edit my bag. It does not say what kind of error it is. Thank you.
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