Pops And Sunshine- Dave Andrews
By Kickntrue on 11/27/07
Author Dave Andrews sent me a copy of his book, Pops and Sunshine and asked me to take a look for oobgolf. Andrews is a former newscaster and avid golfer. Andrews wrote the book based on the inspiration he received from watching the Duramed FUTURES Tour comes through his New Hampshire town each year. The Duramed FUTURES Tour serves as "The Road To The LPGA" as top women compete in smaller events in an effort to make the LPGA (think Nationwide Tour for the men). The most notable FUTURES Tour alum currently is world number one, Lorena Ochoa. This is the info that's true- the account in the book is fictional.

I couldn't sleep last night and grabbed the book figuring I'd read a couple pages. That was at midnight. I didn't stop until 4am when I finished the 300 pager.

The main character in the story, Lisa Nelson is a FUTURES Tour player and is facing the possibility that the final event of the season would be the last of her career. Because of family problems she decided if she didn't make the LPGA Tour she would be forced to quit golf and move home to Tennessee to help her mother with her family. She is one spot out of the LPGA card but must win to make it. The book covers the last five days of the season. Along the way she finds love, a father figure and must face her bitter rival on the course.

I'm no literary critic but I have read a novel or two in my lifetime so I'll at least share my thoughts. Clearly there was something gripping about the book (I didn't put it down). Andrews tells a compelling story that anyone can relate to. His passion for golf shows in his writing along with the way he can relate to the loss of a loved one. While I didn't personally well up with tears I could certainly see how someone would. It's a fun story and a touching one.

That said- I wouldn't run out to grab this book if you're looking for Salinger or Hemingway. The book reads choppy in parts especially when Andrews goes out of the way to tell you specific details of how things work behind the scenes. For instance when describing how the Tour works, instead of incorporating it into the flow of the story he almost pauses action and reads like a Wikipedia entry. The third person omniscient point-of-view Andrews uses almost divulges too much in places and felt a little contrived to me. The story is quite predictable and in places a bit unbelievable. Andrews, a Harvard graduate, doesn't hesitate to publicly display his affections towards his alma mater; you can barely go five pages without a mention of how great it is to be Crimson.

These are small issues though. Overall, I'd compare Pops and Sunshine to a summer popcorn flick (with a small budget), where you know what you're getting from the start. That said, there is nothing wrong with a good popcorn flick.

Dave Andrews sells the book through his website- www.popsandsunshine.com

He is currently working on a sequel which he hopes will be out in the spring of 2008.

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Kickntrue says:
Author Dave Andrews has been nice enough to send me a couple copies of his book for you guys. Send an email to andrew@oobgolf.com and I will pull a couple names out of a hat.
rgduval says:
This book is a must read for all golfers out there. Dave Andrew's love of the game, of the State of New Hampshire, and of the determination of the pro's that play shows through in every chapter.

It's truly a tale of love, loss, ambition, and desire. Anyone who's ever fallen in love with the game of golf will enjoy this book.
Kickntrue says:
If you win Hart... I'll make sure to send you a copy with my favorite parts highlighted.
volleyhart says:
Admit it ... you were sobbing.
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