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Initial Thoughts
This course is located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains and is a Tom Fazio design. The course weaves in and of the housing development that surrounds the area, but manages to still keep a tranquil setting for golf. Elevation changes, narrow fairways and tight landing areas are the signature of this course. As a bonus, itGÇÖs in the middle of the Pocono Mountains so it doesnGÇÖt seem to ever be over-crowded.
Date Played
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
Value - 7.5
This course has a twilight rate after 2:00pm of $40. Compared to other courses in the area this is by far the best course for your money. However if you cannot wait to play after 2:00 it can get a bit pricey. Even then itGÇÖs an overall great value for the golf you are getting.
Pace of Play - 9.2
You cannot beat the pace of play here. More often than not you could have a two-hole cushion in front and behind your foursome. This allows you to play at whatever pace you desire. It also provides you with the feeling that you are the only group on the course. The only downside is the distance between some of the holes. Because the course goes through a development there are a few long cart rides.
Course/Maintenance - 8.4
From tee to green it is beautiful. Tee boxes are perfectly manicured with 4 levels to choose from. Fairways are tightly mowed and the rough is kept at a manageable level. The greens are always in beautiful condition and you get a very true roll off of the putter. There are many holes with water hazards / wetlands in play so bring your shot maker mentality instead of gripping it and ripping it. Many holes require a mid iron off the tee and mid to high iron into the green. Overall the Fazio layout along with the course conditions make a fantastic track.
Hospitality - 8.0
The golf staff is very nice and accommodating. The course feels more like a country club setting so the staff definitely goes out of their way to please. They respect your round tend to leave you alone on the golf course. You wouldnGÇÖt even notice they are there. One thing I will mention is that the course doesnGÇÖt turn at the clubhouse so between holes nine and ten there is no place to get food or beverage. You should plan accordingly and pack food and drink.
Scenery - 8.0
The scenery surrounding the course is great. The rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains mixed with the surrounding wildlife makes for an enjoyable outing. The housing development does detract a little from the overall scenery especially with some construction still going on. Once the building is done you wonGÇÖt notice the housing as much.
Overall - 8.5 (not an average)
I would play this course over and over again. It has a challenging layout, great conditions and the feeling of a country club setting. You also get to play a Fazio designed course for a great rate. If you are coming from New York, or from the Allentown area, it is well worth the hour to hour and a half drive. The Country Club of the PoconoGÇÖs at Big Ridge is a great place to play, at a fantastic value.

course details

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melick says:
I recently played this course in August 2007. I can't say that I was very impressed with the layout. 12+ miles of cart paths that take you all over the housing development. Most of the cart paths were in bad shape and the course is overwhelmed with houses. I've played Toll Brother courses before and they seem to squeeze every house possible on the property. I will say that the people and the rate were excellent. But I don't expect that I'd ever play here again.
JillandMike says:
It is very hard to find a course within a 2 hour drive of NYC that does not have houses around it. Eight of the holes have no houses on them. The back nine has some of the most spectacular views in the Poconos! The pace of play here is great you will never sense being rushed. I would definitely play this course again and again!
mbills1015 says:
I agree that there are plenty of houses that surround the course, and there quite a drive between holes (ie... 16-17). You can't complain about the important things like course condition, speed of play, and the views that you get on some holes. Its tough to find another course in the area that can offer the same course standard for the price. I will have to get up to Jack Frost National and see how that compares...
bykcop says:
This course is featured in many golf discount books here in PA. I have played here over a dozen times and have never had a slow round. Course is always wide open as mentioned above. The staff are outstanding and the views are fabulous. You can mark Great BearGC off of your list (same area) since they closed in early part of 2011. Jack Frost is nearby and is also a fabulous track for the money.
Alex593 says:
I was here. That's great! I really like it. Thanks a lot!
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