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Initial Thoughts
Bridges Golf Club is a cute little course tucked off Historic Route 30, in Abbottstown, PA, just minutes away from Gettysburg. It is a fun course that challenges golfers to make good shots through its rather tight fairways and fast greens. I wouldnGÇÖt recommend it for a beginner but a seasoned low-handicapper could go out and really put up a good number.

The course's name comes from the number of old wooden bridges throughout the entire course. I lost count somewhere around 15, but there are many more than that. They really add to the beauty and overall feel of the course.

*It should be noted that it was a rainy wet morning. It shouldnGÇÖt play too much into my review but in fairness should at least be considered as a factor.
Date Played
Saturday, September 16th, 2006
Value - 5.0
While Bridges isnGÇÖt expensive, for its location it is a little pricier than some. At $57 dollars on weekends and holidays it is more than just deciding to hop on like you may at your local muni, though, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. In this case, what you get is a solid round of golf that will challenge all skill levels both physically and mentally. One things Bridges does do well is make it appealing for those who may be visiting Gettysburg (15 minutes) to stay and play. The Bridges offers Guest Quarters with rooms providing all that guests want from a hotel room: a bed, bathroom, and a whirlpool. A nightGÇÖs stay, breakfast, and 18 holes with a cart start at $107 per person on the weekend and only $97 during the week. That seems downright reasonable. They also do a good job being associated with coupon books and other pricing criteria that can bring the cost down. They also have an excellent same-day replay rate of $20.
Pace of Play - 7.5
One definite positive at Bridges was how quick we were able to move from shot to shot. They did a reasonably good job at spacing between groups and kept the waiting to a minimum. There was some time we waited for a group to finish putting at a par 3, but for the most part it was acceptable, especially considering when we went out, tee times were backed up to each other solid. It says good things about a course when 1) the are booked solid in the first place, and 2) they keep those people moving. All said and done, the round took about 4 -+ hours, which is certainly not blazing speed, but IGÇÖve seen worse and that certainly isnGÇÖt bad for wet conditions.
Course/Maintenance - 7.0
The course plays at 6713 yards from the back tees, which makes it not ridiculously short, but not really long either. It is definitely a shot makers course, and if you hit good drives you are going to have mid to short irons into the greens all day. The course gets you more with its tighter fairways than it does its length. The Blues are rated at 71.7 with a slope of 132. There are 3 other sets of tees to choose from if Blue is not for you making the track friendly for all ages and circumstances.

The Bridges Golf Course was in great shape on this sloppy September Saturday, especially considering the precipitation. The bent grass fairways were lush, the greens perfect, and the rough was a pain- like it should be. As far as maintenance and course conditions go, there is nothing I could complain about. Late summer/early fall is the time of year when a course should be playing at 100% and The Bridges certainly was.

The one negative I do have on the course was some of the greens and how quickly they played. While I donGÇÖt know exactly what they were running on the Stimpmeter, I do know IGÇÖve never seen a scratch golfer 5-putt from 20 feet, until this round. I donGÇÖt know if it was actually the greens being too fast, or just unfair pin placement but there were a couple places that it was borderline ridiculous. In fairness, it did seem to only isolated to just a few greens.
Hospitality - 6.0
Bridges Golf Club was a no-frills environment. While we were taken care of, we definitely werenGÇÖt catered to. The clubhouse staff was friendly and willingly accepted payment. The starter pointed us towards the first tee. On the course, we saw a ranger maybe once and we exchanged pleasant nods. On this day (it was rainy) we didnGÇÖt see a beverage cart. IGÇÖve got nothing to complain about from the Bridges staff, just nothing to write about either. I guess that could be a good thing; like when you donGÇÖt mention referees all day, it means they are probably doing something right.
Scenery - 8.0
The first thing I'll mention are the bridges, from which the course derives its name. They are old and wooden and look fantastic. They give the course a feel that would be lost if every crossing was a concrete pad.

The rest of the course is beautiful as well. There are many tree-lined fairways accompanied by scenic views of the bumps they call mountains in Pennsylvania. No houses are visible while playing the course, which is a pleasant change. The exception is an old two-story stone abode that sits along one of fairways. It looks like it is abandoned, but still sits stoic and beautiful on the course. Another view to note is from the tee on #16, a downhill par 3. You get a view over the entire course from above and on a clear day can see miles into the farmlands that define Central Pennsylvania.
Overall - 7.3 (not an average)
Overall, Bridges is a fair course that is both challenging and beautiful. It is definitely a great change of pace course if you live within a 30-45 minute drive of Abbottstown. If you are in the Gettysburg area sightseeing for a couple days, I would recommend Bridges as a place to stop by. There are a couple other courses locally that could suit your game, depending on what you are looking for, but this fits uniquely in the middle. Compared to some of the cow-pasture-turned-courses that surround it, Bridges is a very good golf experience.

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tonydod says:
Based on all the public courses in the central Pa. area this course is a true value. It isn't Myrtle Beach but there are holes there that remind you of it.
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