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By Kickntrue on 4/10/08
Reviewed by Andrew Brown

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I was very excited to review the SeeMore FGP Putter this week because of its history at the Masters. The SeeMore FGP Putter that I tested is built to the exact specs of the putter Zach Johnson used to win last year's Masters. It was also used by the late Payne Stewart to win the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst. Clearly the putter has history for prominent pros and I wanted to see how it would work for a hack like me.

SeeMore's story is as interesting as the putter itself. A decade ago SeeMore's technology and equipment was performing on course but the company was in bad hands and floundered. While the company nearly folded, a new wave of professionals continued to use the putter including Zach Johnson. In 2006 SeeMore was acquired and fresh design talent was brought in from Never Compromise. Johnson's win last year at The Masters brought SeeMore back into prominence in the industry. In 2008 SeeMore introduced a new line of milled putters which feature a mix of the old technology and new. You can see pictures and learn about their new putters from their website, but for this review we wanted to focus on the old trusty FGP that has won two major championships in the past 10 years. The SeeMore FGP retails for $150, though I've recently seen it for less in golf sales magazines and online retailers.

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Look - 7.5

My initial inspection of the FGP Putter invoked two reactions, 1) this thing looks like it's made of cast iron, and 2) this thing looks pretty unique for a "traditional" blade putter. When my father saw the club over the weekend- his reaction was a bit different. He said he thought it looked like something you'd make in shop class in high school. From a distance I think the putter looks pretty normal for a blade. As you can see from the pictures on the right, closer inspection shows a very unique cavernous back. The putter face is a solid smooth finish.

The other very noticeable feature with the look of this club is the red dot on the top of the club head. This is SeeMore's implementation of their very simple but effective RifleScope Technology. With proper setup the shaft covers the red dot from your vision. If you swing properly you shouldn't see the red dot the whole way through your swing. If you do see the red dot it means it's back to the practice green for you to work on your alignment. Like I said, simple, but it works.

The FGP comes in black or brass and because of their RifleScope Technology there is no such thing as an offset version of this club.

Experience - 8.5

The FGP feels really good. That's the quick summary. From the feel in the hands down to the way the ball comes off of the putter, it just feels good. Now, it be fair- it didn't turn me instantly into Zach Johnson or Tiger Woods on the greens. The courses I played were both recently punched and it's never easy to pick up a new putter and instantly score well with it, but from practicing with this club for a couple rounds I definitely think I'll keep it in my bag (replacing a Never Compromise).

The RifleScope Technology is so easy and it really makes a difference. A couple of my strokes felt a little off and wouldn't you know it, I saw red. You don't need a ball to practice your stroke when you have the RST as your guide. Once you feel like you have a smooth stroke you can start worrying about putting the ball into the hole.

The one great thing about the SeeMore FGP Putter is the feel and feedback it gives you. If you don't hit a good shot you know it. In contrast, hitting a shot perfectly in the center of the putter gives you a remarkable feel of solid contact. It gives you great control of distance taking some of the scare out of the long lag putts. On the practice green I found myself hitting great lag putts. On course the lag putts stayed consistently solid. It was the short 3 to 4 footers that I was blowing causing me to 3 putt a couple holes. Again, the greens I was playing were recently punched plus I think those short putts require supreme confidence, something which I tend to lack (but at least I'm self-aware, right?). I think the FGP can help with that aspect... well, along with finishing my stroke.

I don't have much to critique about the SeeMore FGP Putter. They promise a great product that can compete on your local muni or on the PGA Tour and they deliver. Putters are so much about personal preference and feel that I think it's something you need to experience. The RifleScope Technology does work best when you putt from the center or near-center of your stance so if that isn't you don't buy site unseen. Also, a lot of people like a heavier putter where most of the weight is in the head. The FGP is heavier than a lot of putters, though the weight feels pretty evenly distributed throughout.

Value - 7.0

The common saying, "You get what you pay for," applies here. The SeeMore FGP Putter won't break the bank at $150 but it's probably not something you go pick up on a whim either (*if so- please call me with a job offer and similar salary). It performs great and if it feels good to you it will be a club that stays in your bag for a long time. The FGP took 8 years off between major championship victories but proved the technology is great.

SeeMore does have a new line of FGP Putters for 2008 that are milled. These putters are similar but with a milled face. They are retailing for $325, so definitely not cheap, but they've proved their place in the industry so it could be worth it. I don't think they've quite advanced to the automatic 2-putt version yet, but you'll at least look good when playing with your golf buddies.

Overall - 8.2 (not an average)

The FGP Putter from SeeMore is a great pro-caliber golf club. If you're just starting out in golf I'd probably recommend spending your first "big money" in other equipment first, but if you're ready to get serious about one club you can putt with for the foreseeable future, try this one. You may not become Zach Johnson but you will not be disappointed.

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Josh says:
I played with Andrew on his first round with this putter. I can honestly say that his claim of looking good when playing with your golf buddies is 100% false.
DeepRough says:
they certainly are distinctive putters, you can spot zach johnson from a mile away on a green ;)
klangdon says:
The red line jobby is pretty sweet. Real easy to see when your swing is perfect pendulum.
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