Nike Performance Cart Bag Review
By mustang6560 on 2/9/12
The new Nike Golf Performance Cart Bag is designed for golfers who primarily play golf behind the wheel of a golf cart or trolley. Its slender, lightweight and between all 13 front facing pockets, it has plenty of room for everything you keep in your bag, even for people like DougE.

From Nike Golf:
With a new innovative design, the Nike Performance Cart bag offers an abundance of features and benefits. The Nike Performance Cart bag has a 14-way full-length divider system that provides separation and protection for every iron, wedge and metal wood in the bag. Nike Golf has created a new integrated external putter well to ensure easy access to the most used club during a round. With the new Flip & Grip system, the Nike Performance Cart attaches securely to both a power cart and trolley for the best fit in the industry.
My favorite thing about the Nike Performance Cart Bag is its size. The problem with most cart bags, in my opinion, is that they are bulky and they don't fit properly in the back of a golf cart, which I find silly because cart bags are supposed to be designed for golf carts. But, the Performance bag is the perfect size. Its narrow shape and intelligently designed bottom allows it too easily fit in the back of a golf cart (or trolley) and the molded tactile cart strap grips on each side prevent it from sliding around while you're moving.

Another thing I really like about the Performance bag is the external putter well, which is located on the side instead of the front. I have an oversize putter grip and the putter well on my current bag was not designed to handle the extra mass, so it's difficult to remove my putter. The plastic piece that forms the circular shape of the well only extends about 10 inches down so my putter moves around a lot and it catches on the plastic nearly every time I remove it. But, the plastic tube of the putter well on the Performance bag extends all the way to the base of the bag so my putter never gets hung up on the way out.

I have to hand it to Nike Golf, they did an excellent job designing the Performance Cart Bag. It's functionally sound and versatile. If you're in the market for a good quality bag, then I'd recommend you take a gander at the Nike Performance Cart Bag. You can purchase one for $209.99 on It’s available in three different color schemes - black/topaz-silver, storm blue/action red-soar; cool grey/safety orange-metallic silver.

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bducharm says:
If that is a picture of an actual bag, that thing is "butt-ugly"!!! I personally am not much of a cart bag guy. If I am going to ride, it is my Titleist staff bag or my Titleist lightweight carry bag!
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I was checking this bag out on TGW. The storm blue/red looks pretty sharp. I may regret not buying after Christmas while they offered the extra discount. RATS!
rayandexter says:
It's all very complicated. If more money was spent on schools and less on unnecessary stockpiling of bombs, then there would be no issue. Until then, guesses the Supreme Court just gave my students a guarantee of a decent amount of therapy services throughout their childhoods.
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