Martin Golf Apparel Review
By mustang6560 on 6/18/13
By Nathan J. Trifone, Handicap Index 8.4

Is it time to update or add to your golf wardrobe? If so, I have an apparel brand you should consider — Martin Golf. The Company was founded by Rick Martin, a long-time golf apparel executive, to create a line of golf apparel as "Timeless As The Game".

Rick founded Fairway & Greene, a luxury golf apparel brand, back in 1992 and sold the company in 2006. He signed a five-year non-compete, so he spent the last several years, as he likes to say, "on a park bench feeding pigeons". Instead of staying in retirement, he decided to get back into the game in 2011 — thus Martin Golf was born.

Martin Golf sent us a few pieces of its '13 Spring Collection to review for oobgolf including a polo, a popover and a sweater.


The '13 Spring Collection features two "color palette stories" — Riviera and Costa del Sol. The Riviera color grouping includes vibrant colors inspired by the French Riviera and the Costa del Sol color grouping uses soft pastels, which matches the colored facades of the Andalusia region of southern Spain.

As a seasoned veteran in the golf apparel business, one of Rick's secrets, which he applied with Martin Golf, is the delivery schedule. In order to keep each collection fresh, he unveils different colors and styles in each collection at four different times. It seems like a common-sense approach, but not every apparel company applies this tactic.

The color of the polo and popover was Iris and the sweater was an aqua color. The polo, which is a deep purple with horizontal lines, was a part of the Riviera color grouping while the popover and the sweater were a part of the Costa del Sol color grouping. I received several compliments on the polo and sweater but not the popover (more on that in a minute). In fact, my fiance requested I wear the Martin Golf sweater for our engagement photos (if the weather had been a tad cooler the day we took our photos, I would have worn it).


Unlike the majority of golf shirts, which are made out of a performance wicking material, all Martin Golf shirts are made out of 100% Peruvian pima cotton. Not only is pima cotton considered by some to be the most comfortable type of cotton, according to Rick Martin, it does a better job of wicking away moisture than performance wicking golf shirts. Most performance wicking golf shirts are made out of polyester, which don't absorb as much moisture as cotton, so the majority of your sweat isn't absorbed and wicked away. With the pima cotton, your sweat is absorbed and gets evaporated more efficiently.

Out of the polo, the popover and the sweater, the popover was the most interesting. It's a short-sleeve button down, however, the buttons only go halfway down the shirt so as the name of the type of shirt suggests, you have to "pop it over" your head to put it on. Apparently, it's a style of shirt that used to be popular, but one I've not heard of. The day I wore it to play golf, I received a few stares around the clubhouse. And my friends didn't like it, either. They said it looked like a shirt my dad should be wearing — not me. It's a nice quality shirt and it's really comfortable, but I'm not ready to add it to my wardrobe just yet.

The aqua sweater was definitely my favorite of the three. Like the polo and popover, it is made of pima cotton so it was really comfortable. You can wear it with an undershirt or without and it won't itch your skin. In addition to being comfortable, it has a great style. Instead of a v-neck or crew neck, it has a ¼ length zip, which provides a modern look to a classic style. As I noted above, my fiance really liked it, too. She said it's the best-looking sweater I own (I might own more than one).


The one downside to Martin Golf apparel is it's only available in high end pro shops, so unless you’re a member of an exclusive golf club you won’t be able to buy it. And this is by design. Rick has no intention of selling his apparel in retail stores.

As the brand continues to grow, I'm willing to bet you'll start seeing Martin Golf apparel in more and more pro shops around the country. And if you do see it, be sure to try on a shirt or too as they're stylish and most importantly, very comfortable.

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C-4 says:
I bet it is high as Girraffe cooch....kind of boring
mjaber says:
Perhaps if you had done up the buttons on the popover, instead of showing off you chest hair and anchor tatoo, you wouldn't have gotten so many weird looks. :)
Torleif Sorenson says:
...and the shiny gold necklace...
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Johnmartin1 says:
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