Salty Grips Putter Grip Review
By mootruck98 on 5/8/13
By Kyle Conway, Handicap Index 31.4

The Salty Grip putter grip is simply a cork grip, similar to those found on a fishing rod. It sounded weird and out of place on a golf club when I was first asked to review it. I am in the market for a new putter anyways so I didn't have anything to lose by handing my putter over to mustang6560. He regripped it and got it back to me the next weekend. I now have put a few rounds on it and I'm pleasantly surprised.

From Salty Grips:
Borrowed from the fly rod and tailored for the putter, Salty Grips are a stylish and sustainable alternative to rubber. Natural cork's light weight and smooth texture enhance feel and encourage a confident putting stroke.

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The first thing I think of with cork is a nice bottle of bourbon, but next is a fishing pole grip. It's the latter that really comes to mind when you see this grip. They are both grips after all. It was a little larger than I thought it would be, and a bit thicker than the grips on fishing poles I grew up with. The Salty Grips website calls it a mid plus putter grip. It's by no means an oversized grip, but if it was any larger it wouldn't fit in the putter sleeve on my bag. It takes some getting used to seeing, but not in a bright-orange-Ricky Fowler sort of way. It stands out as different, but the natural wood color does not draw attention to itself.


So the key thing in my experience with this grip is the weight. It is super lightweight at only 42 grams. I never realized how heavy my stock grip was until I tried this one out. The weight or lack thereof completely changed the balance and feel of my putter. As I tried it out it took some getting used to. My first round with it was not successful, but let's just say not much was right with my game that day. So I wanted to withhold judgement until I could get a few more rounds in with it. The more I used it, the more comfortable I became with it. I started to see that the change in balance let me feel what my putter head was doing better. When I opened the putter face and pushed a putt out wide I felt it in addition to simply seeing the results. This is what I enjoyed most about this grip.

There is one other feature of this grip that I must mention. That is its absorption abilities. I've been known to have an ice cold beverage or two on the course (perhaps I should start tracking that). Occasionally the condensation from the can can leave my hand a bit moist, as can the humidity here in the South. When I reach for my putter, instead of having to chase down my towel in these cases and dry both my hands and the putter grip the cork simply absorbs some of the moisture. It's actually quite a benefit to this grip.

I've only had this grip for a couple of weeks so I cannot tell you how well it wears. Salty Grip's website does point out that you can use sandpaper to refresh your grip. Much like baseball players do with bats. Just another unique twist from the standard rubber grip.


So I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this grip, but it's still just a grip. It did not revolutionize my game and it won't do it for yours either. I guess the real question is would I put my money where my mouth is though? I plan on getting a new putter soon and am I going to put a Salty grip on it? I'm not sure, but it is going to get some heavy consideration. They are a little pricey (you can pick up a Salty Grip putter grip on the Company's website for $34.95), but then again most quality products are. If I regrip my new putter it will definitely be with a Salty Grip. So on the oobgolf Rating Key I would have to give the Salty Grip putter grip an 8.4 or "Very Good". A new putter grip is far from a must have, but if you're going that route then this grip sets itself apart.

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birdieXris says:
Have you tested the grip in an extremely wet situation, such as light rain -etc? I'm interested to know wether or not the cork does absorb the water and if it changes it's characteristics. Increase in dimensions as little as 1/16" can affect balance of the club if the handle swells or retains water weighting.

Just curious.
mjaber says:
Since cork, in general, is scarce, I wonder how long the price will be "only" $34.95.
mootruck98 says:
Wet hands from grabbing a can from cooler was only wet test I did, but it absorbed that much almost instantly, without noticeable side effects.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Really thoughtful review, Kyle. Some teaching pros tell us to "swing the clubhead" and having more putter-head feel appeals to me, so I might have to try this.

NOTE TO GOLF BAG MANUFACTURERS: If you install a "putter well" separate from the top on your bags, make sure the diameter of the putter well is wide enough to accommodate oversize grips!

Sincerely, Tor.
mwbutton says:
Thanks for the review - we really appreciate it! We have never seen any evidence of swelling, and the cork sealant we apply to each grip should help prevent any such issues. Also, cork prices do fluctuate - but we've recently partnered with a great supplier that is helping us create a better grip at the same cost. Please look out for our new grips when they become available next month - you'll see and feel a noticeable improvement. As always, email us at with any questions or concerns. Take care.
woobwoob says:
@mjaber... Exactly
birdieXris says:
Outstanding, thanks @mwbutton!
jpjeffery says:
" can use sandpaper to refresh your grip. Much like baseball players do with bats. Just another unique twist from the standard rubber grip..."

If you look up the Fred Couples edition of 'What's In My Bag' on YouTube he recommends keeping sandpaper in his bag for that exact purpose, but presumably he has rubber rather than cork grips...
windowsurfer says:
I replace grips and some I leave on or salvage because they can be reclaimed to "just like new" condition with a light sanding and soap + water. I'd guess cork would be similar. How important is the sealant? I have ancient fishing rods whose handles seem to be 100% functional and any added sealant they may have had is looong gone.
GolferAnt says:
Cool wish they were non tapered like superstroke grips. Hate tapering
phishin06 says:
the new Salty Grip models coming out are not tapered FYI :) They will be here soon
kess13 says:
I recently started gaming one these and it is awesome. i played 27 holes in the rain this weekend including setting the putter down in the sopping grass. the grip never missed a beat. At worst it felt damp, but by the time I got to the next green it was dry again. It never felt slick and the composition of the cork never changed. And the feel is unlike anything I've felt with a putter previous to this. I am a Salty convert.
alvinaash says:

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