Addict Giveaway: SkyCaddie Watch
By mustang6560 on 5/22/13
This giveaway is now over. To see who won, click here.

DISCLOSURE: oobgolf is owned by SkyGolf, the maker of SkyCaddie.

Are you an oobgolf Addict or Addict+? Good, because you're automatically entered to win a new SkyCaddie Watch, courtesy of SkyGolf!

From SkyCaddie:
The SkyCaddie Watch isn't just another golf GPS watch! It's an attractive, lightweight, flexible and comfortable everyday sport watch that just happens to provide superior performance on the golf course. Powered by Core Golfer Technology and golf's only ground-verified course maps; start playing better golf and having more fun with the new SkyCaddie Watch from the highest-rated and most-trusted rangefinder in golf.
If you're not an Addict, now is the time to join!

In addition to being automatically entered in Addict-only Giveaways, as an Addict you also get advanced stat tracking, live mobile scoring, course editing privileges and private account settings. And, if you want GPS on your iPhone or Android smartphone, upgrade to Addict+ for $19.95. The best part about joining Addict is you're supporting oob.

The giveaway ends Sunday, June 30, 2013 so be sure to join Addict for a chance to win! If you want to learn more about the new SkyCaddie Watch, you can read our review here.

** Giveaway is open to all legal US residents 18 years or older. A winner will be announced the week of July 1, 2013 on The winner will have 30 days to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within 30 days, the winner will forfeit the prize. Tax expenses are not included. You have the right to refuse the prize. In case of prize refusal a series of new entrants will be picked until the prize is accepted. Odds of winning based on number of Addicts and mail entries. Void where prohibited. For a list of winners, click here.

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jgideon84 says:
oob oob, pick me, pick me!!
Kurt the Knife says:
OK. I'll bite
DougE says:
Now this is something I would actually use. I'm in.
dasnake52 says:
gimme gimme...
rdb253 says:
When I win, I will give the runner up my sky caddie 4
brodeurgc says:
Anything that will improve my game is greatly appreciated.
joshb352 says:
Cool, just seen the commercial for these not 30 secs ago. Must be a sign. :)
Hack22 says:
im already an addict but im getting emails to become one so i can be entered to win these giveaways. Whats going on?
popewe says:
Same thing... getting e-mails asking to become addict to enter contest. I'm already an addict.
golpher45 says:
very cool. Another toy. My bag will be too heavy to carry if I get too much more
onedollarwed says:
Can somebody tell me what's legal/accpeptable to use at what levels of competition (with regards to helpers/notes/tech/etc.)? Otherwise, I haven ever used any devices like this-though my estimates are usually w/in one or two yards of GPS. I do need something like this when I'm off in the rhubarb though!!!
Norboo says:
mustang6560 says:
Hack22, popewe: You are receiving the email *because* you're an Addict. We'll add a line in the next email to say something like "If you're already an Addict, you're entered to win."
bobnmarilynmaz says:
I like this one.....oooooh. ahhhhh, ohhhhhh. lol
SteveMM says:
I never wear watches, but this would look fantastic clipped to my bag.
garmin says:
I would love this watch!
jhonsmith says:
Notwithstanding being consequently entered in Addict-just Giveaways, as an Addict you additionally get progressed detail following, live portable scoring, course altering benefits and private record settings. Furthermore, on the off chance that you need GPS on your iPhone or Android cell phone, move up to Addict+ for $19.95. The best part about joining Addict is you're supporting oob.
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