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Saginaw, MI Golf Courses
Saginaw has 7 golf facilities. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Bay City Country Club
Bay City, MI (8 miles)
Bayou Golf Course
Freeland, MI (8 miles)
Apple Mountain
Freeland, MI (8 miles)
Beech Hollow Golf Club
Freeland, MI (8 miles)
Twin Oaks Golf Course
Freeland, MI (9 miles)
Green Acres Golf Course
Bridge Port, MI (9 miles)
Bay Valley Resort
Bay City, MI (9 miles)
Maple Hill Golf Club
Hemlock, MI (11 miles)
Fortress Golf Course
Frankenmuth, MI (12 miles)
Rick Smith Family Golf
Birch Run, MI (12 miles)
Public Crooked Creek Golf Club  
9387 Gratiot Rd
Semi-Private Germania Town & Country Club (CLOSED)  
1 Germania Platz
Public Pleasant View Golf Course  
3424 Barnard Rd
Private Saginaw Country Club  
4465 Gratiot Rd
517 793 3461
Semi-Private Sawmill Golf Club  
19 Sawmill Blvd
Semi-Private Swan Valley Golf Course  
9521 Highland Green Dr
Public Valley View Farms Golf Course  
1435 S Thomas Road