Editing Tips

We realize that the one-time entry of each course can seem like a daunting task, but we have built some little tricks into our site- to make this task easier.

Using these tips below, a single course can be imputed in about 3 to 5 minutes. With your help, along with our continuing efforts, we should be able to have a complete database in a very short amount of time!

Tip #1
See if the course has a website. If so- please add it to the course database. This is the number 1 piece of info we can have for a course. It provides other users a way to get directly to the courses website from www.oobgolf.com.

Tip #2
Fill out all the data you know in sections 1-3. If you don't know, just leave it blank- another user will come in and fill in the details. For section #2- course description- you can either copy and paste course info from the website or just create a short paragraph or two about the course.

Tip #3
Hole-by-Hole Yardages. Step #4 is the most important part of course entering on www.oobgolf.com. Getting the USGA Rating & Slope data is necessary to be able to determine your handicap. If nothing else- please fill in this data either from the course website, a scorecard you bring home, or another place you find the info such as another website. Please be as accurate as possible with this info, because it effects anyone coming into the site after you.

After entering the Rating & Slope, fill in the hole-by-hole yardage info. We have made this easy for you by allowing the info to be copy and pasted from another online source. So- if you are on the course website and they have an online scorecard- or you find this online in another form, copy across holes 1-18, or 1-9 and paste it into our site, starting in the first box.

*If your online source has the whole scorecard in line- holes 1-18 you can copy the entire line- including split total yardages that may exist for the front 9. www.oobgolf.com will recognize and skip the "IN" totals.

**If your online source is split into two lines, with each 9 separated, copy the info for holes 1-9, WITHOUT the "IN" totals and then do the same for holes 10-18. www.oobgolf.com will recognize and add together the total distances for the courses.

The same thing applies for handicap and par data for each hole. You can copy and paste for 1-18 or for 1-9 and 10-18 separately.

Lastly- we want to remind you that entering course information to www.oobgolf.com is vital for its expansion and success, but so is accuracy. If you aren't sure of validity of the data you are entering, please skip that part of the process. Someone else will come behind and pick you up!!