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Great Big Bertha II Pro Series

  - Callaway
The Callaway Great Big Bertha II Pro Series Driver features a neutral center of gravity weighting and open face angles that appeal to accomplished players who want more ability to shape their shots, and who generally hit a draw. Featuring a powerful titanium clubhead, high Moment Of Inertia (MOI), anThe powerful titanium clubhead, neutral weighting neutral weighting and face angles to help more skilled players shape their shots with greater ease.
  JJHenry - 8/14/10
  PnayPride10 - 7/13/10
  smcdowell99 - 7/3/10
  Jim Bucklew - 3/16/10
  leepalmer - 12/22/09
  ajmoinet - 4/12/09
  dlove - 3/14/09
  g3nova - 6/30/08
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