- Cleveland
At 17% larger than the HiBore XL, The HiBore XLS is Cleveland's largest driver ever and among the biggest on the market. Full Face Performance (FFP) extends the "Hot Zone" of maximum .830 COR across a larger portion of the face creating more distance from both solid shots and mishits alike.
  larrysputnik - 11/26/11
I used the Monster and never hit the ball so far. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Monster anywhere so I bought this one. It's a little heavier, which seems to take a little off my distance. But otherwise, this club is easily the best driver I've ever used. My fairway percentage has almost doubled and I've averaged 30+ more yards on my driving distance stats. (BTW Shot Tracker is a great Android app for GPS verification of your driving distance)
  father403 - 7/1/10
When I use this I have a bad slice. I may go back to my old R5N.
  dap276 - 5/7/10
The loudness makes this club awesome. It sounds like you destroyed the ball even if you didnt. Very smooth, great feel to it. Definite recommendation
  kisernl - 3/12/10
Love this club. It is really loud... but after spending an afternoon at the range, I'm hitting it 20 yards further than with my old driver. I agree that it does tend to hook on mishits, but I guess that's human error at the core. And it has helped minimize my slice (using neutral, not draw bias).
  aglazier - 10/15/09
The club is SO LOUD it is beyond annoying. Even a shot right on the sweet spot sounds like a shank.

I have the Cleveland XLS 3 wood, and it is amazing, but the driver pretty much sucks. Go with the older Cleveland Comp.
  mr nineiron - 9/19/09
helps with my slice,sometimes it hooks on me. other wise nice club
  njones7 - 8/7/09
I bought this club recently and I love it. It sounds like you hit it a mile even it's a miss hit. I'm a habitual slice(r) and the Draw head works perfect, Love it!
  hayhor - 6/14/09
I tried this club because I know someone that raves about the xl and because I have a Launcher Comp I love. I consistently hooked the ball with the club which is bad and it is TOO LOUD!
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