Diablo Neutral

  - Callaway
A high MOI and an optimized CG are featured on the Diablo Neutral driver, producing long, penetrating ball flights with the desired shot shape. It also helps golfers release the club at impact with full power, especially when swinging aggressively. Hyperbolic Face Technology increases ball speed across the entire face of the club helping send balls further down the fairway, even on miss-hits.
  jevans - 7/17/10
Last year I demoed this club and did not care for it. I bought the FT-IQ instead. Had good success with that club. Last week I was thinking of getting the Ping G-15 driver and demoed that and other drivers. The fitter kept me trying different drivers and at the end the Diablo gave me the most consistent #'s. I was very surprised.
On the course, I do like the feel better than the FT-IQ and the distance is about 5-10 yards more.
Goes to show you that an expensive driver is not always the best.
  Dale North - 11/23/09
At first I wanted a G10 9* Draw, but the day I was ready to buy the shop didn't have one left. Reluctantly, because I couldn't wait the four weeks required to get one in, I bought the Diablo. Well, I brought it back home (Thailand) and went straight to the driving range to see how it would perform. To cut a long story short, I wouldn't change this club now for all the divers at Ping. I love this thing. It goes long, straight and consistantly down the middle.
Highly recommended club for anyone wanting to smash the slice out of their game.
  tom4444golf - 7/2/09
I have had your driver and 3 wood in my bag for 3 weeks. WOW I just 77 For the first time in my life.Whatelse can I say. thanks Thomas G
  Dantipton - 6/24/09
While I like the wat the ball came off the head the shaft was weak at best even in a stiff flex. Was unable to really let go due to whippiness of the shaft. Returned the demo within 2 hrs of checking it out. Its a shame because I really liked the Hyper X. Talk about value, if you buy this club before 6/30/09 you can get a fairway wood for just $1 more.
  Phatboy - 6/8/09
I recently purchased the 9degree draw version of this driver and I love it. It has changed my game. I was a terrible slicer to the point where I would swing easy just to tap it out there and keep from slicing. This is the first club that I feel confident with aiming down the right side of a fairway. I have tweaked my swing (for the better) and can play a draw almost at will (the miss hits just go straight) Plus I can swing for the fences. This club is worth every penny (and the $1 3 wood is pretty good too!).

Best investment in a club I have ever made! I can hit a lower trajectory ball flight which adds distance to my drives because it allows the ball to roll forward. Par 5s that I was hitting 3 and 5 hybrids into are now 7-irons.

Eli's company really did good with this one.
  monsterzues - 5/19/09
I was skeptical at first but bought it anyway and boy was I impressed! The shaft is consistant and truer than other stock shafts. I am comparing it to the R7 and the R7 shaft doesn't compare. The action off the face is explosive and the feel is crisp. The sound is good. It carries a little farther than my R7 but it is so consistant and always seems to find the fairway. Callaway hit a home run with this driver. Recommend if you have a slight slice to get the neutral setup as the draw may be too much for a slight slice. I got the neutral because I have a slight draw. It goes straight as an arrow.
  Mike DeFantis - 10/14/16
  RHPM - 9/2/14
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