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The new FT-5 and FT-5 Tour Drivers are the latest evolution in clubhead design utilizing our revolutionary Fusion® Technology. A massive 50 grams of discretionary weight has been created using a Carbon Fiber Body — creating the OptiFit™ Weighting System that produces three center of gravity configurations: Draw, Neutral and Fade, enabling golfers to choose a combination to best suit their individual game.
  chippy1032 - 6/23/10
Loved this club until it broke. Very loud and is pretty long and forgiving. Loved to go to the range and see people looking at me as i would crush some way down the range.
  BSC - 4/8/10
I'm lovin it!
  bezbawl - 7/13/09
absolutely blistering the ball off the tee. Dumped my old vtf warbard and finaly hitting a 460cc. Ball jumps well off the face. Dont like the new sound. Turns to many heads on the range.
  mleger - 4/29/09
Absolutely love this driver. I feel my confidence soar with every drive. Mishits still go straight and with good distance.
  newrider - 4/26/09
Played and FT-5 Draw with a glued up Fuji E150 stiff last year. Very long and nicely workable but I got the hooks. Picked up a FT-5 Neutral I-Mix matched with a Fubuki Tour 63 stiff. Shaft is 20 yards longer, recovers better, hooks are gone and I can fade it again.
  jkcole07 - 4/13/09
All though i bought mine new when they came out and gave a lower value score i have not regretted owning this club. this is the first driver that i could really feel the ball on the face. Great forgiveness on mishits.
  ontheridges - 8/30/08
This is a very hot stick! More forgiving than what I expected from Callaway's top dog too. Luckily I found a slightly used one very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this one to any player out there whether scratch or 25+.
  minhthien - 2/3/15
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