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Insight XTD a3

  - Adams
The Adams Insight XTD a3 driver features an expanded impact zone on the face that is designed specifically for maximizing distance and ball speed on center hits, as well as off-center hits, created by the Boxer Technology which pushes mass away from the face and moves it into the corners of the club for a high MOI. The Adams Insight XTD is the Official Driver of the LDA, which includes the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and the Exceptional Driver Championship.
  Duke of Hazards - 12/13/12
  kingotter - 6/18/12
  timothydlang - 7/21/11
  amaxximus - 6/21/11
  brownstoneCT - 5/17/11
  mikrog2218 - 8/28/10
  SilverSliver - 7/19/10
  thebdj - 6/4/10
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