SQ Sumo2

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The straightest route from the tee to the pin is now brought to you by the square geometry of the SQ SUMO square fairway wood. The shape distributes weight to the farthest corners of the club, giving you forgivingly straight shots out of any lie. The low CG of the Nike PowerBow design and the large sweet spot of the Cyro Steel face get the ball up and out of any lie.
  countyliner1 - 7/23/10
I bought this driver a few days ago after selling an R7 Draw which I couldn't hit straight for the life of me partly due to the fact that I don't have a slice to begin with. I got the 8.5* stiff shaft and Really like it. The trajectory is good for me and it goes farther than my 10.5 reg R7. The often misconception about this club correcting anyone's slice/draw is rediculous and also one can deffinately shape it. I read in most reviews that is went straight and that only but I know that I could get it to fade and draw on cue.
The one other thing that I noticed is that this club is light but still big in the air, thus the wrist flick is that much more important. My first few shots faded because I wasn't acttually getting my wrist through.
Also alot of people hate the sound but I didn't think that it was bad at all. It is a little screwy but I deffinately don't hear it when I drive and my partners haven't ever complained too much, especially since I'm out driving a lot of them.
  Scandal929 - 4/24/09
I hit a drive straight down the fairway 281, longest drive. I've alway been a short hitter usually giving up 20 to 30 per club to others I play with. I now call my driver the equalizer.
  Ace2009 - 10/21/08
Easy to hit. Lot more 300+yard hits then before and middle of fairway hits also.
  kyleoatley - 5/17/16
  Mrpizzle - 5/13/12
  dgolfp - 5/11/12
  GUY FALCONE X18 - 3/9/12
  Quentin Richards - 2/4/12
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