SQ Sumo2 5900

  - Nike
With the SasQuatch Sumo Squared 5900 Driver, Nike engineers have pushed MOI (moment of inertia), volume and impact efficiency to the USGA limits, all in one club. The result is the straightest, most accurate driver they've ever made.
  buayakk - 11/15/09
Straight like an arrow.
  cp100265 - 9/5/09
My first new driver, other than driver that came with the RAM set I bought,,,crazy as its sound added 30 yards from day 1...sound is not as bad as some...for the price I am very happy!!
  GLB - 7/6/09
If you have used a driver with a taller face, you will need to tee your ball lower or you will hit it too high. Other than that, straight and decent distance. Club feels very steady and swings easy. Buy it, you will like it.
  punchy - 3/23/09
Excellent club. The sound it makes is a great improvement over its previous models.
  junesakl12 - 6/17/14
  Spuff_Monkey - 7/20/13
  jvswerbo - 5/23/13
  mperry - 5/15/13
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