r7 460

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The r7 460 has a 460cc club head (max size allowed by the USGA) making this driver extremely forgiving & easy to launch. It is the largest TaylorMade r7 driver to date and boasts the highest Moment of Inertia of any TaylorMade driver. As with each club in TaylorMade's r7 driver series, the 460 features Movable Weight Technology (TM), giving you the power to move the center of gravity (CG) in order to promote different types of launch conditions & trajectories.
  CDS2008 - 8/3/09
I love this club. It has helped me perfect my swing technique and now I am hitting more fairways then ever and am never slicing! Amazing Driver
  1verite - 8/1/09
Movable Weigh Technology (MWT) really influences shape of drive. My club is set for slight draw and I hit more fairways with this club than others (Callaway, Maxfli, Mizuno) I've played with. I love playing this club.
  nsimmon1 - 5/18/09
This club looks and feels great.
  AldonKaepernick - 7/17/13
  pblaszka - 7/11/13
  dcgaskill - 7/10/13
  AntolinE - 6/2/13
  whataputter88 - 5/12/13
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