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The TaylorMade Golf Tour Burner Driver has a dual crown made of steel, and the weighted power-base promotes increased distance. The lower and precision-placed center of gravity offers a higher launch angle and lower spin, while the SuperFast Technology gives increased swing speed.
  timrabara1975 - 7/2/12
This Club is money...I upgraded the shaft to an ALdila NV65 and this baby rocks..THE feel from this deadly combo is PERFECT for me..I was thinking about a new driver ..BUT NA this keeps me in the fairway for that next shot...IM GOOD
  Banker85 - 6/17/11
this club is growing on me... @gavint2: actually the face is closed only 1*, which helps the slicers a little bit.
  norm_pyle - 8/20/09
I got this club on the course for 9 holes today and was truly impressed. I was averaging only about 210 yards before, but on 7 drives, I averaged 235 yards, and put one into a water hazard at 270 yards away. The shortest drive was 200 yards, not well struck. On 2nd shots, I was playing parts of the course I had never played from before! I am very happy.
  gavint2 - 4/27/09
I switch from TaylorMade R7 Superquad to this club. The first bad thing is the face is 2 degrees closed on the non TP driver. So i literally hooked everything. Second the ball doesnt go longer than my R7 only thing i like about this club was the looks and headcover.
  Bunker Brown - 7/11/13
  Smurray - 6/5/13
  dooboo - 6/3/13
  rhino3b - 5/28/13
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