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The TaylorMade Burner Super Fast Fairway offers more speed and power than ever before. The improved SuperFast Technology package, which is a lightweight shaft that is extra long and large clubhead, promotes more swing speed, more ball speed and more distance.
  Gregsta - 8/31/10
I have both the 3 and 5 wood in my bag as well as the driver. These clubs are the best woods I have ever had the pleasure to hit and own. I nearly hit the 3 wood as far as I hit the driver and the forgiveness for off centre hits has exceeded expectations. Can't recommend them more highly.
  jnayes - 6/6/10
Have the 3-wood. Love it. Increased my distance by at least 30 yards. Barely feel it when it strikes the ball. Have the Driver as well, but I'm getting very tempted to use this off the T more often.
  emmfive - 2/1/17
  BHUNTLEYOH - 6/7/15
  unoriginal - 5/26/14
  BrokenT - 5/20/14
  rick_lim - 12/26/13
  dtak84 - 12/18/13
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