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The PING G10 Fairway Woods are engineered with a crown that directly intersects the sole to create a low profile head that combines with a long, shallow face for improved performance from all types of lies. The G10 is available in the following models:

Strong 3W: 14.0°
3W: 15.5°
4W: 17.0°
5W: 18.5°
7W: 21.5°
9W: 24.5°

  Mandelbaum! - 5/9/09
4-Wood, Draw bias. I just love this club!! No matter the lie GÇô tee, rough, fairway GÇô I'm not just confident, but damn near arrogant with this club! That's how money it is. The low CG helps get the ball up, and even on off-center hits this club performs well.
  Rjohn61750 - 6/15/15
  Buglemintoday - 10/23/14
  camrollins - 7/3/14
  trurder - 5/3/14
  Denvy's Son - 4/26/14
  user9800 - 3/16/14
  tIcTaCs - 2/6/14
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