HiBore XLS

  - Cleveland
Cleveland's HiBORE XLS fairway metal offers improved MOI via a 24% larger head (compared to the original HiBORE) for more stability and straighter shots. The larger size makes it look extremely hittable and creates more spin to get the ball into the air easily. A face that is 19% larger than the original HiBORE creates much more hitting area, allowing results on mis-hits to dramatically improve.
  Doubleagle26 - 8/24/12
7-8 handicap. I have the 3w and 7w stiff shafts the balls fly off the face and go stright as an arrow. Dispite the big head I can usually use these out of the rough with ease and even out of shallow fairway bunkers if the ball is not too burried. From the fairway the 3 goes 240-260 and the 7 220-230 and is a great gap filler between the 3w and 3 hy. the 7 gets great loft and can come in handy when trying to get the ball up quick and still go a long way. I hit the 3 wood so well I wonder why I even have a driver
  aglazier - 1/24/15
  jbcarter - 5/13/13
  chimchim224 - 11/11/12
  Crazimanmoose - 9/26/12
  Jake Powers - 1/1/12
  sndypar - 11/11/11
  sirhc2003 - 9/27/11
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