SQ Sumo2

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The straightest route from the tee to the pin is now brought to you by the square geometry of the SQ SUMO2 Fairway Wood. The shape distributes weight to the farthest corners of the club, giving you forgivingly straight shots out of any lie. The low CG of the Nike PowerBow design and the large sweet spot of the Cryo Steel face get the ball up and out of any lie in a hurry, making your trip from Point A to Point B faster than you thought possible.
  RyanLigon - 1/7/11
I got the 3 wood at the start of the season free when buying a driver and it comes out of the bag way more than driver off the tee. Hits great off the tee, but I'm still not great off the fairway with it. I think that's just my skill.
  E.R.P. - 1/4/15
  tmarc - 2/25/14
  microth1 - 8/7/13
  edcasas - 7/14/13
  toshiebong - 7/10/13
  jwtintguy - 7/24/12
  JDMendez - 5/21/12
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