Speed LD F (2008)

  - Cobra
The Cobra LD F-Speed driver has the largest clubface in golf and a fast-back club head that stretches as long and wide as the R&A allows. The Cobra LD F-Speed generates a massive MOI (Moment of Inertia), faster balls speed, and longer straighter drives. In order to get the CG as low and back as possible, the club head dimensions were pushed to the very edge of R&A size regulations.
  Neal.R - 2/10/10
Large heads, bigger sweet spot, and easy to get the ball into the air. A definite plus for a short hitter like me.
  Cjgolf25 - 5/7/13
  Jbeck - 5/24/12
  rpaez82 - 9/18/11
  Miguel Cervantes - 9/14/11
  parsrgood - 6/17/11
  Che1974 - 6/15/11
  mattgennuso - 6/7/11
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