Staff Midsize

  - Titleist
This staff bag sports a fashionable look, while the dividers in the top-cuff provide superior organization and are positioned to optimize balance. Multiple accessory pockets and a large fold-down apparel pocket provide non-bulky storage capacity.
  AndrewFSmith - 6/21/10
This is a pretty expensive bag, it has plenty of pockets and storage, although, not as many features as other bags the same price. You pay for the name here. The materials dont seem to be the best quality. I know you're not going to get a leather staff for less than $350, but $234 should bring some high quality, I have only played 10 rounds with the bag. Nothing is wrong with it, it is just that the vinyls seem to be of lower quality that is all.
  Crisbatero - 6/28/15
  chelton - 5/23/15
  carlosarosario - 4/15/14
  Torritos - 3/5/14
  khuynh858 - 8/17/13
  elpietra - 6/26/13
  ethanthechamp - 6/16/13
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