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  mrferranto - 4/30/10
Good bag, but the rotating top needs to be reworked. Clubs never stay in the holder, and wedges are to short to even stick. Putter pops off frequently and when rotating the top of mine sometimes there is a snag and it clicks. Lots of compartments, although the drink holder is far to small, good thing they addressed that on the newer model with the detachable drink holder.
  BK88 - 3/24/10
Great bag, except the outside bottom holders for putter/wedges pop off on cart and pain to replace...I learned my lesson after twice losing them. Now I take them off before loading on cart.
  tandcgolf - 6/4/08
Great Cart Bag
  dcn66 - 11/29/14
  golfnut358 - 11/9/13
  DARRTS - 8/8/13
  mocozeke - 5/3/12
  rms1972 - 12/17/11
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