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The Titleist DT® has served as one of the best selling golf balls in the market over the past 30 years and The Feel Good Golf Ball™, the DT SoLo, has become the ball of choice for recreational golfers worldwide. The Titleist DT SoLo golf ball applies a high-lift design to maximize distance for golfers with average and moderate swing speeds seeking the ultimate combination of distance with soft feel and guaranteed cut-proof durability.
  enviroman22 - 10/10/13
Straight,long, and soft on the green. They bounce forward instead of rolling backward away from the hole!
  chipshot54 - 5/22/14
  Beekeeper45 - 3/27/14
  andrux - 2/9/14
  wvandertuin - 9/8/13
  benomino - 6/12/13
  geotamasy - 4/12/13
  B_Spray - 12/31/12
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