HX Hot

  - Callaway
Astounding ball speed for long-distance shots from a wide range of swing speeds. The HX Hot has gone from fast to blazing fast. To improve on what already produced high-velocity distance, our engineers made the high-resiliency core on this 3-piece golf ball even faster. Combined with HEX Aerodynamics, it goes farther than you might need.
  DeepRough - 5/14/08
Great distance ball, though it feels very hard. Does not spin a ton around the green.

If you want to hit it far, and want a callaway ball, this is a good option. Though, you may be better served with one of the Top-Flite D2 balls...that are much less expensive, and in the case of the 'Feel', actually spin a little more green-side.
  fludert - 12/20/15
  jforry - 4/23/14
  jglanc - 8/30/13
  mvarley84 - 7/17/13
  kmtomek - 7/11/12
  GaryTheGolfer - 5/25/12
  fdawgvt - 5/9/12
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