HX Hot Bite

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The new HX Hot Bite Golf Ball features a softer, high-resiliency core and ionomer boundary layer that combine to promote exceptional feel, while still offering the exceptional distance you’ve come to expect from the HX Hot Golf Ball. One pack includes one dozen golf balls.
  goldengolfer - 2/18/10
It does stop on the green nicely, but the cover can be scrap off by wedges easily - not very durable
  Ironman_87 - 11/27/08
This ball is perfect for a mid handicapper. You can crush it off the box and stop it on a blade of grass!!
  asarnatora - 7/8/12
  John S - 5/26/12
  sehicks - 9/3/11
  Frog3man8 - 8/15/11
  leedan40 - 8/6/11
  bpohl - 5/30/11
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