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The Titliest NXT Tour Golf Ball is designed for average to highly skilled golfers seeking the ultimate combination of soft feel, high performance control and long distance. Advanced, multi-layer construction, with a new Tour-proven, higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line provide longer, more consistent distance. The NXT Tour is longer with the driver and long irons while maintaining soft feel and high performance control into and around the green.
  David Yurik - 4/2/12
For what its worth I bought six dozen grade AAAAA ( like new ) on ebay cheap so for value its 5 stars all the way. Being a 19 HCP I liked this ball. It would sometimes check on the greens for me and usually had some kind of backspin. My swing speed is a little high so distance has always been good.
  bearslax34 - 1/14/11
Definitley not a players ball, but that is what makes it good for the mid-high handicappers.
  666 Iron - 9/6/10
Just got a box yesterday. They were on sale so I chose these over some Precept EVs. I like how they feel for my short game, but I'm undecided on my long game.
  PERGUE - 8/31/10
Long ball with enough feeling around the greens
  Neal.R - 2/10/10
Value wise, as close to ProV1's at a manageable cost
  iNorv9 - 8/30/09
I liked these balls, but not nearly as durable as Bridgestone e6+. Also felt a little heavy off the club in comparison.
  RJs Dad - 4/26/09
Long... and still pretty soft.
  EdMull - 10/31/15
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