One Vapor

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  jrbizzle - 8/25/11
Tried to switch to the Vapor Speed, but the original is far better for me. Anything from a 6 iron and down stops dead on all but the firmest greens. Not quite the spin of premium balls, but straighter off the tee and with long irons. A perfect compromise in my eyes.

Loading up on them from used/found golf ball sites for now.
  Bernie Duffer - 3/14/09
Hot off the club, a bit more firm than other similar balls I've played and I got used to that fast. Bites very well. Excellent ball.
  SKYWARE - 9/19/14
  BAMF - 3/22/13
  DForbis22 - 1/20/13
  eujvari - 6/4/12
  jimmyrudig - 5/31/12
  Skramer82 - 5/23/12
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