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Penta TP is the first 5-layer Tour ball - and the only golf ball with no deficiencies. Each layer is engineered to deliver optimum performance in five key areas: feel, spin, control, launch and distance. Five layers. Zero compromise.
  props123 - 9/15/11
Hey everyone! I love this ball. It is the best out there. I have longer drives and shot my lowest scores in the last week since hitting this ball. I have always been a ball snob and was doubtful that anything would be better than the prov1x but this ball is amazing. I am an average hitter, bogey golfer, but this ball takes off like a rocket and is very forgiving. I am going to buy stock in taylormade!
  hp - 2/2/11
This is the most durable premium ball out there. After a round of flushing shots, the ball looks basically new. Outstanding distance, control, and feel. I'm a believer.
  preny - 7/20/10
5 layers sounds like 90% marketing 10% substance right? Kinda like the next big thing in shaving from Gillette etc. That was my thinking when I started seeing ads for the Taylormade Penta TP. But last week I shelled out 12 bucks and bought a sleeve.

Holy ****! This ball plays! I've been a die-hard Pro V1x player since I can remember. That has all changed. The Penta is a joy to play. Plenty of spin on solid wedge shots to place the ball anywhere, yet doesn't spin too much when you want it to release on shorter pitches and chips (my only complaint with the Pro V1 is that is occasionally overspins on short shots). I haven't noticed any lost distance, in fact I hit my first ever 300 yd drive with the Penta yesterday.

All I can say is: give this ball a shot. Drop 10-12 on a sleeve and go hit every imaginable shot on the course. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Sometimes the hype is worth listening to.
  coojofresh - 5/24/10
outstanding ball. outstanding feel. shot my best game ever using these balls for the first time.
  #n o t a c l o n e - 5/9/15
  redsox9524 - 2/15/14
  Macx - 10/13/13
  GP350 - 8/25/13
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