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The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is designed for serious golfers of all levels that demand Tour-validated technology and performance. The ball offers such essential features as a soft and resilient core that improves your feel and distance, a resilient Ionomer casing layer, and a high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover. The technologies combine to produce low spin off your driver or irons, while maintaining soft compression for outstanding feel when approaching the greens.
  greengolfer - 4/5/11
I personally use the Dixon Fire and it performs much better all around than any other ball I have ever played, including the titleist pro V1.
  Trav3 - 5/2/10
You guys are probably going to hate me, but where I work I get a box of ProV's for 35 bucks because of my discount.
  frednan - 10/11/09
In Thailand, a dozen of these balls go for over $60.00!
  kayswah - 8/15/09
I too got some of these from for a great price. almost $1 a ball. Excellent action hitting into a green. Had one plug the green, no bounce. Seemed decent off the tee. avg. 278/a drive. But new these are overpriced. buy discounted ones and after a few holes you won't tell a difference.
  TeKnis - 7/22/09
amazing hold on the green, I equatored a shot, it landed almost parallel with the green and it stopped about five feet past the divot even with minimal backspin from the terribad shot. I dont think I could go back to 20 dollar a dozen balls again.
  BlaqShamrokk - 7/8/09
Spins too much off the drives for me
  jmagbanu - 5/22/09
Amazing ball off the tee.... But like everyone says....way too expensive...
  Eric Ewe - 4/6/09
One of the best balls out there. I got my balls at at a fraction of the cost of new balls. Plays the same and it comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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