TP Black LDP

  - TaylorMade
Lower-spin players will get tour performance and faster ball speed from the TaylorMade 2008 TP Black Golf Balls. Features include a cast thermoset urethane cover to deliver predictable spin and supreme shear-resistance and 360-dimple Low-Drag Performance (LDP) for improved distance on off-center hits. The 2008 TP Black Balls feel softer than the original TP Black.
  loganator - 6/23/10
excellent ball overall,
like it better than the prov1x for $20 cheaper per dozen. you can't go wrong with this ball
  manny.101 - 4/22/10
Sensational Golf Ball!
More durable than Titleist Pro V1 and V1x.
Longer off the tee compared to Titleist Pro V1 and V1x.
Stops very well on soft or firm greens and great to putt with.
  Rob Trout - 3/26/10
Better than ProV1. More distance and a little softer. Can't wait to try the Pentas to compare.
  Josh Turner - 9/6/09
I compared these to the TP Reds also and found the Blacks are easier to get airborne. These aren't very durable. My new Z-TP wedges give them groove rash a lot.
  Mjw71772 - 7/19/09
I tried these and the reds, wasnt sure which would work better. For my game the blacks are a better fit. I will soon order some personal number balls.
  mattlagolf - 6/17/08
amazing ball! better than the prov1.
  deuce72 - 3/9/14
  mbishop7183 - 1/22/13
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