Tour B330-S

  - Bridgestone
The Bridgestone Tour B330-S is designed for serious golfers and Tour professionals who seek ultimate consistency and performance along with exceptional distance and greenside soft feel. Its Seamless Cover Technology produces uniform dimple coverage across the entire surface, providing optimal aerodynamics for consistent ball flight and accuracy. It provides the perfect combination of a soft feel and enhanced greenside spin-control while maintaining Tour caliber distance.
  jim1009812006 - 5/5/10
Theses things are impossible. I asked for a ball that was durable and fit my 108 swing speed. My handicap is around a 14 and dropping but I couldn't place this ball with my driver to save my life. Intermediate players BEWARE!!! Very SPINNY off the tee!!!
  deadliner - 8/24/15
  j0shsm1th - 7/6/15
  KPrime31 - 5/27/15
  osheira - 5/22/15
  Capfausto1 - 8/6/14
  onedollarwed - 4/10/14
  chadv99 - 3/24/14
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