Tour ix

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The new Tour ix Golf Ball is the most technologically advanced and longest tour ball we’ve ever made, featuring innovative 4-piece inertia technology. 4 pieces, 2 cores, 1 unbeatable ball. One pack includes one dozen golf balls.
  H Head - 1/11/11
Great Ball...super feel..does scuff a bit with the wedges, but only 1 ball for 18 w/o loss of playability...priceless!!!!!!
  windowsurfer - 6/14/10
I believe a ball still performs fine even when it is scuffed up. Heresy, I know (must BUY more stuff!) but it is so true. The ball flies as far, bites as hard and rolls just as true even after I've chewed 'em up with me wedges. Anyway, these give me distance, spin around the green, putting performance and low trajectory off the tee. Wow-wuh. They are not durable if u must have a *pretty* ball, but like I said, it doesn't matter.
  mmontisano - 5/4/10
i feel that i'm able to get more spin and more distance with this ball when compared to the ProV1.
  birdieXris - 3/30/10
I bought a box of 12 on the recommendation of a ball fitting i attended. They performed well compared to the Pro V1. I'd say they were about equal as far as touch and feel but the biggest downside for me was cover durability. The 12 lasted me about 3 rounds. I lost one in a pond, and took chunks off the covers of the rest with my wedges. I'll get 3-4 rounds out of most other premium balls. even 2 out of cheap ones.
  crawdaddygolf - 6/12/09
Took golf galaxy's ball test to see which ball fit me best and this was the one. Pricey, but performs Great.
  bad_andy - 12/29/08
clicky off the putter.
  Bionicknee2001 - 6/6/14
  golfingbumunderpar64 - 1/18/13
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