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Z-Star XV (Pure White)

  - Srixon
Introduced in 2011, the Z-Star XV was Srixon's first four-piece ball, designed for players with 95+ MPH swing speeds. It features a large "Dual-Core" for more distance. The thin urethane cover was designed for an ideal combination of distance and green-side spin-control, with a very thin ionomer layer in between.
  onthefringe - 1/12/14
  awall - 10/17/13
  Kwright51-9 - 8/24/13
  CashusClay123 - 6/24/13
  bschuster - 6/24/13
  miboy - 6/2/13
  drumboy71 - 5/22/13
  golfdude528 - 4/8/13
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