3DX Ironwood DC

  - Nickent
Designed after the same shape as the Tour favorite 3DX Ironwood, this hybrid club from Nickent is ideal for any golfer.
  Niramas - 1/4/11
Love this club. Only drawback is it led me to get a 3-RX 20-deg which blew. I have the 14-deg (2I) which replaces my 3-wood and also makes a great trouble club for getting under and around trees. Because of this versatility I don't think I would ever replace it in my bag.
  chipotle mg - 6/3/08
i've hit it high and i've hit line drives 10 feet off the ground. i feel like this is easier to hit than a five wood.
  manueels - 8/10/14
  HotBacon - 5/15/14
  LonesomeGolfer - 12/28/13
  Frank Sawatsky - 3/27/13
  diegomirenda78 - 1/26/13
  Chblevins62 - 1/3/13
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