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The Ping 17-4 stainless steel G10 hybrid is engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Six lofts provide replacement options from the No. 1-iron through No. 6-iron in addition to fairway woods.
  studcody1 - 10/22/09
a very good looking club that performs as good as it looks. The 18 deg G10 is a great club to subsitute your 3-5 for. good launch and very forgiving. I now use this club for all of my 245 yd +/- shots
  jevans - 8/28/09
I originally bought a Callaway Diablo 23 deg hybrid and no matter what I did, I could NOT hit the ball with that club, I returned it and demoed the Ping G10 (23 deg) and Adams (18 deg).
I didn't care for the look of the Adams and after trying both, found out that I was hitting the Ping (23 deg) FURTHER than the Adams (18 deg).
I like the looks of the Ping also. It resembles more of a fairway wood,which I prefer.
I hit this club very well and use it for my 180-200 yard shots.
Great club.
  G Vogel - 6/17/17
  artofputting - 11/9/15
  Jeff.smith215 - 9/4/15
  eabaskervill - 9/10/14
  pruitt - 8/15/14
  Westfreeze - 7/18/14
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